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Queen Of Wands Reversed - Work: When the reversed Queen of Wands appears in a reading about work, there may shortly be frustrating obstacles and delays that you will be up against. It's important to not take these personally; just work through them one moment at a time. There may be an older, light haired woman in the workplace (or who is in the position of hiring, if you are looking for work) who is throwing up obstacles. Don't get frustrated about it, just show her the rational reasons why she needs to do things your way (or hire you.) Do this and you could be more successful than you imagine."


King Of Swords - Work: A man in your work environment may behave or talk to you in a way that you find bothersome, but the truth is that you may be being too sensitive. He's just doing his job. If you are looking for work, a man, likely to be dark haired and the stereotypical "man's man" may be in a position to hire you, but you will have to impress him on every level to get the job. Know where to draw the line, but don't be too quick to claim offense."


King Of Swords Reversed - Work: With the reversed King of Swords, a man in your work environment may be holding back from saying things that it would be helpfulf for him to be saying. Keep your ear to the ground and listen carefully. If you are looking for work, as with the upright meaning, a man, likely to be dark haired and the stereotypical "man's man" may be in a position to hire you, but you will have to impress him on every level to get the job. Stress your understanding of tradition and the importance of following the rules."


The Wheel Of Fortune Reversed - Work: With the Wheel in reverse, there is still a slim chance that you will decide to leave your job if you are currently working, even if it's a good job, because your heart is no longer in it. Give some thought to what it is that you dream of doing, lift your head above the day to day grind, when this card appears. Even in reverse, the wheel tells you that you may be nearing time for a change, work-wise; and perhaps a very big one."


The Hermit Reversed - Work: You are likely to finally get to the bottom of some work issues which have been troubling you and/or which have been unclear. Don?t hesitate to ask questions not only of yourself but also of other people to understand more about the way things are going at work - and the way they should be going. Remain conscious of the fact that if there are current issues at work that are troublesome, that you may in some way be contributing to them."


7 Of Pentacles - Work: Your work is likely to be going smoothly and you will be reaping the rewards of past efforts - what is happening now or in the immediate future will be a direct result of what you have done in the past. Your finances are likely to be flowing well - you may not be "rolling" in money but you will certainly have enough to get by, and then some."


7 Of Wands Reversed - Work: You may be at a loss about what to do with regard to your work situation if you are already employed. If that's the case, talk to someone you trust, seek out the advice of others who have experienced similar situations. The answers are out there. If you are looking for work, try to "think outside the box." Who could you contact for work that you hadn't considered talking to yet?"


The Moon Reversed - Work: When the Moon appears in reverse, things unfortunately may not seem clear in the slightest with your work. Most damaging of all is when you think you are clear on something and you actually are not. It will be important that you ask questions, particularly of your superiors, and practice ?active listening? to make sure that you and your co-workers understand each other perfectly. Stay as patient and calm as you can, and particularly if you are feeling ?attacked,? give your coworkers and supervisors the benefit of any doubt. Reality may not be anywhere close to as bad as you think. Don?t push for major changes on the work front; the time may not be right, unless you are looking for a new position."


Strength Reversed - Work: Before you can expect the people you work with to be crystal clear on what your talents and skills are, it?s obvious that YOU must be clear first. What are you best at? What gets you moving? These should give you some insights into where your strengths lie. Once you are clear, this is a good time to make sure that those in a position to hire you (or to keep you employed, or to give you a raise) are aware of them as well. Take things one step at a time, you are already doing well when this card appears, there is no need to push too far too fast."


9 Of Pentacles - Work: If you're looking for a position, the 9 of Pentacles could well point to a better job coming your way than you would have thought possible. Even if you're currently employed, expect a change for the better, both in terms of your circumstances and your pay. You'll have a lot to be grateful for."


The Chariot - Work: In terms of work, it's important not to let small issues get blown out of proportion in your mind. There may be someone who is involved with your work who is (inadvertently or not) working against you. Don't let this get you down, either. Just do the best you can and don't waste time on worrying about the way others perceive your efforts. If you're right (and you probably are) everyone will see this in the end anyway. You should be feeling very "charged up and ready to go.""


The Fool - Work: Other people may not understand or support your new ideas and/or proposals, but if you know that you're right, press ahead, and try to help them to understand where you are coming from. This sometimes will indicate finding a new position - or even that the time could be right for you to "go off on your own" and start your own business."