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2 Of Wands Reversed - Work: You can expect things to go well in your working world; you may be pleasantly surprised by new business or new procedures at work - or even by a new job offer. The time may have come, on the other hand, to leave a working situation which has been good for you in the past. Don't burn your bridges, if you do decide to leave."


The Fool Reversed - Work: You may have excellent ideas and plans for your work which you seem to be hesitant about ?putting out there,? when the Fool is showing in reverse in a work question. Have some faith in yourself and give voice to your ideas. It could pay off more than you?d imagine. You may be feeling a longing to start a new position - or even that the time could be right for you to "go off on your own" and start your own business. At least give these potential changes some thought."


5 Of Wands - Work: Know that you are facing competition, but if you play your cards right, that you can compete successfully. The only way to lose for sure is not to try. Play fair even if all around you are not doing so. People who play dirty may seem to win in the short term, but as Gandhi said, that sort of win is never, ever permanent."


10 Of Pentacles Reversed - Work: You may be tempted to leave a stable and lucrative situation on a bit of a whim when the 10 of Pentacles reversed comes up in a work reading. Think long and hard before doing so. Yes, life is about taking chances, but don't take blind chances. If you are looking for work when this card appears, beware people that talk a good game and scammers. You shouldn't have to pay money to get a job."


3 Of Swords Reversed - Work: It is very easy to misunderstand people and entire situations at work when the 3 of Swords appears in a work context. Your best bet is to ask questions and not make assumptions, and to be as clear as possible in your own communications. Don't be too "think skinned" when this card comes up. People may inadvertantly be insulting, in many cases you should just try to let this roll off your back now."


5 Of Swords Reversed - Work: In the context of work, the reversed 5 can show that you may be shooting your own self in the foot. Do not create conflict where none exists if you remotely want to keep your job, and do not escalate conflicts that are already there, unnecesarily. Accept situations as they are, unless something illegal or immoral is happening, and if it's the latter, consider making a report to the appropriate authorities. Some problems are too big to try to solve on your own."


The Fool - Work: Other people may not understand or support your new ideas and/or proposals, but if you know that you're right, press ahead, and try to help them to understand where you are coming from. This sometimes will indicate finding a new position - or even that the time could be right for you to "go off on your own" and start your own business."


The Wheel Of Fortune Reversed - Work: With the Wheel in reverse, there is still a slim chance that you will decide to leave your job if you are currently working, even if it's a good job, because your heart is no longer in it. Give some thought to what it is that you dream of doing, lift your head above the day to day grind, when this card appears. Even in reverse, the wheel tells you that you may be nearing time for a change, work-wise; and perhaps a very big one."


7 Of Pentacles - Work: Your work is likely to be going smoothly and you will be reaping the rewards of past efforts - what is happening now or in the immediate future will be a direct result of what you have done in the past. Your finances are likely to be flowing well - you may not be "rolling" in money but you will certainly have enough to get by, and then some."


The Tower Reversed - Work: When the Tower appears in reverse, people around you may be unusually stressed, and arguments and misunderstandings are going to be happening a lot. It is important that you don?t take these personally, and that you don?t involve yourself in conflict unnecessarily or let your ego take over. With the reversed Tower, it?s especially critical to think before you speak."


King Of Cups - Work: In the context of work, this card usually points to a male boss or co-worker who is very much "on your team." Don't hesitate to ask him for support if you need it. If you're wondering how others feel about you at work when the King comes up, know that they appreciate and respect you and your work more than you know. Things are likely to be improving at work when the king appears."


Justice - Work: You need to be sure that your work/life balance is where it needs to be. Too much emphasis on either throws the other into balance. For most people, one or the other comes more easily to us; be sure that regardless of which field (personal life or work) you feel most comfortable in, that you are giving the other part of life as much attention and energy. Balance is necessary in order to thrive."