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4 Of Swords Reversed - Work: As with the upright 4 of Swords, the reversed 4 suggests that some time off from work would be beneficial. You may also find that something about the way things are done at work/in your field which has never seemed "right" to you may become a lot clearer and you'll find yourself supporting this practice. If you are looking for work, it may be important to take at least a few hours' break to rethink. Are you looking in the right place, with the right people? This card suggests that you may need to change tactics."


Page Of Swords Reversed - Work: In relation to work questions, the reversed Page indicates that you may soon be dealing with some unexpected conflict at work or a message you were not expecting. Neither is necessarily a bad thing, just take a few minutes to think before you respond. If you're seeking work, know that some employers are very likely to do intensive background checks before hiring you. Be prepared to respond about questions regarding your past and/or about information you consider personal, like your credit score."


The Magician - Work: There will be an improvement in your work/career life. This points to an excellent time to find new work or to ask for and receive a promotion in your current job if that is possible. Particularly if your work is in a creative field, this is a time when your suggestions and work will be met with excellent comprehension and may lead you to "bigger and better things.""


7 Of Swords Reversed - Work: As with the upright 7, the appearance of the reversed 7 of Swords in the context of work, can mean that your employer is looking at your work and what you do very closely. This is not a time to try to "get away" with anything whatsoever; you will surely be found out. Something which seems very small to you (like taking home a few pens from work) may seem like a huge breach of trust and result in major problems at work with your boss, up to and including the possible losee of your job. If you are looking for work, play up your trustworthiness and willingess to commit."


Strength - Work: Work should be going well. If you're looking for work, know that you have the wherewithal and the skillset to find it. If you're already employed, and there is room for upward mobility, don't hesitate to negotiate for what you're worth. You might be surprised at the positive reception that you get. If there's not room for a raise or promotion where you are now, give serious thought to finding something where there is this possibility, or consider what it would take for you to strike out on your own business-wise. You may have more options than you typically think possible."


King Of Cups Reversed - Work: At times the reversed King of Cups can point to an upcoming emotional outburst from a man at work. This can be unsettling at first, but after some time, everyone involved should have learned something positive and important about the situation(s). Don't take this outburst personally, even if it is directed at you. But the issues/the outburst may need to be "unpacked" with him, later, to get to the bottom of things."


Page Of Wands - Work: In terms of work, this card can show a woman (likely to have light hair) who is inclined to be very helpful to you at work. She also may be a little younger than you are - this could be by a matter of days or weeks. If you've been waiting on a decision for a job that you've already applied for, the news is very likely to be good. The job is also likely to be better and more enjoyable than you would have hoped"


The Hanged Man - Work: Nothing much may seem to be happening, and you may well be sick of it. This is a great time to figure out if there is anything that you personally can do about it, if this is the case, and if there is not an action that you can take, then try not to take the slowness of the wheels of change personally. Things will change. It just may not happen on your timetable. Relax, or else look for different work."


9 Of Wands - Work: Things may be tense at work. Try not to contribute to the tension; think before you speak, be calm and unruffled as possible on the surface, at least. Get clear about the things you can and cannot control and try to give very little "mind-space" to the latter. Do your best with the former, and things will very likely be well. If you're wondering if your job may be eliminated, unfortunately, when this card appears, the answer can be yes. Forewarned is forearmed. If that happens, what will you do about it?"


10 Of Cups - Work: The 10 of Cups shows that you have reached a degree of being indispensable in your current work. That's a good thing but don't get terribly carried away - nearly everyone can be replaced! You seem to be on the right track, just don't sit back and rest on your laurels. Keep plugging ahead."


Knight Of Pentacles - Work: Now is not the time to suggest an overthrow of the traditional ways of doing things. You must work within existing systems and accomplish what people expect you to accomplish. If you are looking for work this can be a good omen that the position you need is forthcoming, but warns that in interviews, etc., that you will need to come across as dependable and even-keeled, as they are unlikely to be looking for mavericks now."


King Of Pentacles Reversed - Work: As with the upright King, the reversed King can point to an older, established man who plays a major role in your working environment (even if on the surface, it seems that you work with all women.) Do the best that you can at work, but realize that your work is not your whole life, and know that some people (which may include the man represented by this reversed King) simply cannot be pleased. All you can do is your best, and that's enough."