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6 Of Swords Reversed - Spirituality: You may feel overwelmed spiritually when the 6 of Swords appears. Everything and nothing may seem to make sense to you spiritually, all at the same time. The answer to this is to relax and empty your mind, rather than trying to grasp onto one "answer." In time, you will realize the direction that you need to go. For now, give yourself some peace. Everything that grows does so in stages, not all at once."


The Tower - Spirituality: This is a time again to keep a positive attitude as much as possible. New understandings and insights may come to you in the blink of an eye."


The Hermit - Spirituality: It's very likely that at this time a person will come into your life who is like a mentor or teacher even if they don't "teach" you directly. You will still learn from them on several levels. Honor the need that you may be having to withdraw to a degree from ordinary life - It won't last forever. You will soon be feeling much more social, so don't push yourself now to be around a lot of people unless it is absolutely necessary. You will likely emerge from this month feeling refreshed and renewed, particularly on a spiritual level."


The Tower - Spirituality: This is a time again to keep a positive attitude as much as possible. New understandings and insights may come to you in the blink of an eye."


4 Of Wands Reversed - Spirituality: You have the right to attend to your own spirit in your own way regardless of what others think about it. You are likely to discover new things about yourself and your spirituality in the future when the 4 of Wands appears reversed; and these are likely to be positive, uplifting discoveries. You may want to try a new spiritual discipline, such as yoga or tai chi. Sometimes such things can lead to overwhelmingly positive new growth."


The Hierophant Reversed - Spirituality: As with the upright Hierophant, the indication here is that you are or ought to be very much concerned with spirituality now (even if you don't have anything approximating a "traditional" religious belief. You will benefit from making a point to take regular time, even if you don't attend a "traditional" house of worship - to quiet yourself and allow your spirit some space to expand. What matters here is the regularity of it - whether it's daily, weekly; whatever you can make time for. You will see changes in your life and outlook as a result of making this effort. If you haven?t the faintest idea of where or how to begin, reach out to others, read, experiment with different approaches."


The Hanged Man - Spirituality: It's crucial now to let go of any negative, self-limiting beliefs. Remember the idea of the "self-fulfilling prophesy" and be very careful about what you allow yourself to say or think about our life. Make sure the "prophecies" you are making about your life bear some resemblance to the life you really wish to see."


3 Of Swords - Spirituality: This is not a time to try to hold on to things, ideas, situations, or people which may have run their course in your life. You must make room in your life/heart/emotions/spirit for new things to come to you. Time alone will be helpful. Have you done all the healing that you need to do? The answers you seek are within you, although you may need help to bring them to the surface. Talk with someone you trust."


The Lovers Reversed - Spirituality:The appearance of the lovers card in reversal when related to questions of spirituality can indicate that if you are not careful, you may find yourself ?falling in love? with someone who is meant to be a teacher, pastor, or instructor. Try to be circumspect about such feelings if they should arise. Sometimes love in such contexts can actually interfere with and prevent learning from your teacher all that they have to offer. If a teacher or mentor is claiming to be in love with you, think long and carefully before embarking on a relationship with such a person. They could be abusing a position of trust. Caution is needed here."


Ace Of Swords - Spirituality: You may finally let go of a belief system which actually hasn't worked for you for some time. Don't beat yourself up if you find you had been holding some viewpoints and beliefs that you shouldn't have. Everyone makes mistakes or gets hold of the wrong end of the stick from time to time. You will find some spiritual truths that hold more promise for you and which are beneficial. Don't hesitate to talk to others about what works for them on a spiritual level."


The Chariot - Spirituality: You may travel (even locally) to places that can help increase your spiritual awareness and you will be in a mode where you learn a lot quite quickly about spiritual matters. Don't be afraid to attend seminars and talks on spiritual subjects that seem unfamiliar to you or outside your usual mode of learning. You can benefit in ways that you cannot currently imagine if you do try these new things. This can be a very profound time for you."


Judgment - Spirituality: You may find yourself exploring ideas and spiritual directions that you never thought would appeal to you in the slightest. Furthermore, you may find more truth and wisdom there than you ever dreamed. Be open to new ideas and new experiences. They can benefit you in ways that you can't imagine. And you'll never know unless you try."