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9 Of Wands - Love: In the context of love, it's important to remember that no relationship, and nothing on earth, in fact, can stand up to constant dissection. Try to give your beloved some breathing space. If you are uncommitted, and longing for love, understand that the time may simply not yet be right for you. Are there things about yourself that you would like to change? This is a good time to get yourself whole emotionally, so that when you are ready for a new relationship, that the person that you attract into your life is also whole. Don't be in too much of a hurry."
Knight Of Swords - Love: You may literally be about to be swept off your feet, whether you are male or female. If you are currently in a committed relationship, It may be about to brighten up quite a bit and become a whole lot deeper and more satisfying. If you're looking for love, it may come along when you least expect it but you have to be having some sort of contact with other people for the door to be open to this. Get dressed up and go out on the town. You'll have a blast."
Queen Of Wands Reversed - Love: With regard to love, an older, light-haired woman could be involved indirectly in your relationship. If she is your "mother in law," do your best to make her an ally, regardless of how you feel about her. If you are looking for love, you could well meet a very interesting potential partner through an older woman. Let the women in your life know if you are looking to meet someone new."
2 Of Cups Reversed - Love: In general you will need to make sure you aren't paying too much attention to love to the exclusion of all else when you recieve the reversed 2 of Cups. If you get this card when there are problems in a relationship, it may be time to forgive and forget over past problems. Start fresh."
2 Of Swords Reversed - Love: The reversed 2 of Swords says that this is a time to be cautious and deliberate when it comes to love relationships. You may be tempted to push to "move things forward," but this is not the time. If you are looking for love, by all means get out and mingle, and you may well meet a likely contender, but it will be some time before a love relationship with them develops. Be patient. And then be more patient."
4 Of Pentacles - Love: The 4 of Pentacles is a card about fear, basically, when it comes to love. Either you are holding on far too tight to a situation or lover, or someone is attempting to do that to you. This clinging is not healthy. True love allows for space between the lovers, and no matter what, one can never really control another person. If you are single and think that you are ready for a relationship, realize that you will undoubtedly have to step outside your comfort zone to make it happen. True love will not just drop out of the sky."
Queen Of Swords - Love: With regards to love, the only caution with this Queen is to beware the impulse to be too forceful. We've all been told that we'll get more flies with honey than with vinegar, and there's truth to this. Your mother or a mother-like figure may interfere in your relationship, whether she means to or not. Figure out where your boundaries lie with this, and let her know."
Queen Of Cups Reversed - Love: In general when the reversed Queen of Cups appears in a reading about love, the outlook is good. This card reminds you to stay focused in the loving side of your personality. True, deep love for others also encompasses understanding that other people are on their own timelines. Do not be impatient or forceful or petulant. Good things come to those who wait. Be dignified and restrained, not pushy."
8 Of Pentacles Reversed - Love: The reversed 8 of Pentacles can show in a current relationship that one or both of you may not be prepared to do the "work" that is necessary to maintain a happy and fulfiling relationship. Rethink this. Relationships are not a parking lot, people do not just form a relationship or marriage and live happily ever after. On the other hand, you are the only part of the equation that you can control. Do your part, and then see what happens. If you're looking for love, you are going to have to work to find it. Don't just sit home and imagine it falling out of the sky. Build your own happy, fulfilling life, and get out and meet people, if you really want love in your life. Don't fool yourself that it will just magically happen."
2 Of Swords - Love: The 2 of Swords is a good omen romantically, especially for a romance that is already in existence. This card can signify that your relationship will move into a lighter, easier, more balanced phase, with treating each other as equals playing a major role. If you are looking for love, take a good hard look at yourself to see if you have any outstanding emotional issues that need to be dealt with FIRST. People can smell desperation a mile away, and it is a major turn-off. A life partner does not complete you; a life partner is icing on the cake of your own complete life. Do not look outside yourself for happiness. Then the relationship you truly want and need will come."
Judgment Reversed - Love: With reversed Judgment, this can still be a make-or-break period for an existing relationship. You, and the people around you, may be in the process of changing. Don?t cling tightly to the status quo. If you are looking for love, or you draw Judgment reversed regarding someone you have your eye on, a new relationship may well come about in the near future. Still, you may need to take steps to make sure that you aren?t leaping to conclusions (positive or negative) about your new love and/or vice versa. Slow and steady wins the race."
5 Of Swords - Love: Unfortunately when the 5 of Swords appears in the context of love, conflict is a near surety. Things may not work out as you would hope with a love relationship. Think calmly and carefully about what your deal-breakers are in a relationship. Be honest with yourself first, then be honest with your beloved. Accept reality."