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Queen Of Pentacles Reversed - Health: When this Queen appears reversed, you may be trying to take care of everyone else's needs without allowing yourself the time and space that you need in order to function well. Remember that loving yourself is an important part of loving the other people which are important to you. No matter how busy you are, you can find the time to focus on yourself, even if only for three minutes a day. And you must do so in order to be truly effective and loving and healthy."


Judgment - Health: This is an important time to let go of the past and any wrongs that you perceive were done to you, particularly if you are dealing with chronic medical issues. Letting go of your need to be right will go a long way toward helping you to feel better. Besides, if someone did you wrong, then they did wrong, and you don't have to stay angry at them to prove that they were wrong. Think positively."


King Of Wands - Health: The King of Wands is rich with vitality. However, he also carries a warning not to overdo things or push your body further than it is able to go; rest and recuperation is also a critical part of health. Make time too to examine what you are really feeling, down deep. Anger and negative emotions can take a toll on your body. Allow yourself to feel what you feel, but let those feelings go in a positive way."


10 Of Pentacles Reversed - Health: In general your health should be good when this card appears and/or will be on the upswing, but again, don't take it for granted. Foolish risks can be a likelihood when this card appears. Know how deep the water is before diving in headfirst; don't eat foods you know you're allergic to - things of that nature."


6 Of Swords - Health: If you are dealing with a health problem, your usual health care practitioner may not be the best one to help you. If you can do so, look into clinics and treatment outside your local area. Barring a serious health problem, this card can show that what you truly need most of all is a vacation or a change of scenery. Find a way to give this to yourself, even if the only way you can do it is just by talking to people you've never talked to before."


Page Of Pentacles Reversed - Health: With the reversed Page of Pentacles, it can be easy to accidentally hurt yourself while you're "playing." Try to stay mindful and in the moment, and you should be fine. If you are not a teatotaler, you should be very, very careful with alcohol and drugs when this card appears. It can be very easy to get carried away now, or to cause yourself a minor injury because you have imbibed. Focus is the key word; get some."


The Chariot - Health: On the whole your vitality is very strong now and you should have quite a lot of "get up and go." This is an excellent time to begin or to increase a fitness plan. You may be able to make more progress than you ever thought possible."


Knight Of Cups Reversed - Health: The reversed Knight says that you may be going from zero to sixty in a negative way with regard to your health. Don't make negative assumptions until all the facts are in (if ever.) Think postively. Dread about health and about health procedures is almost always worse than the reality of them. Read about healing."


5 Of Swords - Health: You're likely to be under stress from a combination of factors, so it's particularly important when this card appears to be gentle with yourself. If you're angry, allow yourself to express it (safely and carefully) rather than turning your anger and sorrow on yourself. Rest and relaxation is crucial. Worry and guilt are useless. Let them go."


7 Of Cups Reversed - Health: The 7 of Cups reversed says that you have begun to realize what you can do to better support your health; you should have at least one or 2 very clear ideas. Trust them, (provided your health care providers agree) and stop thinking; the time for action is now."


7 Of Wands - Health: You may be worrying unnecessarily. Even when facing serious health challenges, a positive attitude can work wonders. If you suspect something is wrong with your physical being, insist that your medical providers check it out for you. If your usual doctor will not check it out, look until you find a doctor who will. Trust your instincts."


4 Of Pentacles Reversed - Health: The 4 of Pentacles reversed, although it may not feel particularly pleasant at first, can indicate that you are about to move forward emotionally, which will in turn improve your health greatly. When this card appears, you have almost certainly been carrying around a great deal of fear and worry related to your health, and you may finally find the courage to open up (or may not be able to keep yourself from opening up) about these fears. Speak your heart. Your situation will improve instantly when you do."