Dagelijks een nieuwe planetenhoroscoop beheerd door de Schotse paragnost Andrew Burns, bepaald met zon, maan, planeetstanden.
Boogschutter, Make time for social activities over the next 48 hours. You may think you cannot afford to cut back on your busy schedule but you can ? and the planets warn that you must. If you don?t, you?ll burn yourself out.
Kreeft, Pluto?s apparent change of direction will play havoc with everyone?s plans, so take life as it comes and don?t expect too much of yourself or other people. Read a good book or watch your favorite movies. You?re allowed the occasional ?lost? day
Leeuw, If you feel like doing something out of the ordinary, don?t hold back. With Jupiter, planet of expansion, aspecting Uranus today you can get away with almost anything. Think about it ? then act.
Maagd, Just because something is fashionable does mean you have to believe in it or follow it slavishly. Mars, urges you to question everything you are told today, even at the risk of making yourself unpopular.
Ram, You experience passion like everyone else (you just don?t let it show) and with Mars moving through your sign of Ram there will be times this day when you just can?t hold back. But who says you should?
Schorpioen, You have total self-belief. Some people look confident but you don?t just look it you live it, and Today?s new moon in your sign will make you even more convinced that you are destined to do something special. So do it.
Steenbok, As Mercury, is now moving retrograde you may be having second thoughts about something that only a short time ago seemed such a good idea. It probably still is but you?ll have to convince yourself of that fact.
Stier, Today?s Sun-Mercury union in your sign will clear your mind of irrelevant details and allow you to start moving forwards again. Be brave, be bold and above all be ready to act when opportunity comes knocking.
Tweelingen, Today?s full moon in your sign will bring a few doubts about what you are doing, but are they really your own doubts or are they doubts that have been planted in your mind by others? If it?s the latter, ignore them.
Vissen, You?ve got a spring in your step and a song in your heart and the world will react to your more open and loving nature in a myriad of ways. Spread a little sunshine wherever you go. Your smile will light up everyone?s day.
Waterman, A new moon in the communications area of your chart this day will help you get your message across. Your way with words, allied to your clarity of vision, will get important things done quickly and efficiently.
Weegschaal, Venus in Weegschaal means you are very much flavor of the month at the moment, and you must not hesitate to take advantage of others? good feelings toward you. Broaden your horizons in some way today ? for fun, for knowledge, and also for love.