Dagelijks een nieuwe planetenhoroscoop beheerd door de Schotse paragnost Andrew Burns, bepaald met zon, maan, planeetstanden.
Boogschutter, The Sun moves into your sign of Boogschutter today, so partnership matters will be of the utmost importance. It may be tempting to make snap judgments about people but do you really know what motivates them? Don?t be too critical.
Kreeft, Mars in your sign makes you hugely ambitious but watch out you don?t overestimate your abilities and make a silly mistake. The approaching eclipse may play havoc with your ability to tell fantasy from reality.
Leeuw, There is no reason to be too suspicious if someone makes you an offer today because the planets suggest they are on the level. The bottom line is this: If you don?t take them up on their proposal someone else will.
Maagd, Try not to be upset if others don?t seem too interested in what you have to tell them. With Mercury, planet of communication, under pressure at the moment it?s unlikely you will get the response you seek this side of today.
Ram, Planetary activity in your sign of Ram will give you the decisiveness you need to get things done, along with the ability to make others feel good by saying the all right things. A winning combination.
Schorpioen, You may have to play along with someone and make them believe that you are still on their side but today?s full moon will make clear your deception. A partnership of some kind will certainly be put to the test.
Steenbok, If you need to make changes to your everyday routine now is the time to get serious about them. Power planet Pluto is very much on your side at the moment, so get started and before you know it your work will be done.
Stier, Mercury, planet of the mind, moves into one of the more sensitive areas of your chart this day, so it?s unlikely you?ll be as confident as you look. Fortunately you are a very good actor ? and others still think you?re extra special.
Tweelingen, The Sun?s transit of the career angle of your chart will encourage you to push ahead with an ambition that you have often dreamed about but never quite got around to. This time there can be no holding back. It?s all or nothing.
Vissen, Life does not have to be a battle. The Sun in the communications area of your chart makes it easy for you to charm your way to the top. Get busy making new friends today.
Waterman, Success is coming, but when and where? That is the question you keep asking yourself and this day there may be an answer, of sorts. Mars in your sign suggests it will most likely come from other people.
Weegschaal, You may be tempted to walk away from a situation that is getting you down but if you do you are likely to regret it. With the Sun at odds with Pluto today this is not a good time for grand gestures.