Dagelijks een nieuwe planetenhoroscoop beheerd door de Schotse paragnost Andrew Burns, bepaald met zon, maan, planeetstanden.
Boogschutter, Try not to be suspicious if someone in a position of authority suddenly starts treating you like their number one buddy. Yes, it’s strange they should be acting this way but the planets indicate it’s not a trick — and you need friends in high places.
Kreeft, Isn’t it about time that you relaxed and started to feel more positive about yourself? Good things are coming your way and they could even be great things around the time of Today’s eclipse, so stop being such a misery!
Leeuw, Your money situation may not be as healthy as you’d like but it’s not as bad as you think, so resist the urge to make far-reaching decisions about finances. The planets indicate that you will gain more later in the month if you leave it alone now.
Maagd, Someone is trying to make you feel guilty about something that was not entirely your fault. Don’t let it happen. As Mars changes signs today you need to toughen up a bit — if you don’t your bank balance may suffer.
Ram, Do everything within reason to get along with other people this day, even if it means overlooking some of their more blatant and annoying habits. Today’s Sun-Jupiter link promises big rewards if you stay calm. You can do that.
Schorpioen, When the Sun moves into the relationship area of your chart next day you will have to compromise more, so if there is anything selfish you want to do you should do it now, while you still can.
Steenbok, Jupiter, is moving retrograde at the moment and is opposed by Saturn, but all that means is there are issues that need to be resolved. You know what those issues are, the question is: when are you going to deal with them?
Stier, Venus, moves back into your sign today, which suggests there is something you left unfinished a short while ago. Give some thought as to what it might be, then make a serious effort to complete it. Everything else can wait.
Tweelingen, You can talk yourself in to or out of any situation right now, but that is not an excuse to go looking for trouble. Mars in your sign of Tweelingen warns it may be more than you can comfortably handle.
Vissen, You want to get along with people but the planets warn there are some individuals you need to be wary of. They’re the ones who try to interest you in the latest “big thing.” You’re not that gullible.
Waterman, Now that Mars is moving into your sign of Waterman you must be extra careful how you relate to people both in your personal life and at work. Try not to be too aggressive or they will be even more aggressive in return.
Weegschaal, Because your birth sign is ruled by Jupiter you are never down for long. The less attention you pay to financial worries over the next 48 hours the more you will be all smiles again next day.