Dagelijks een nieuwe planetenhoroscoop beheerd door de Schotse paragnost Andrew Burns, bepaald met zon, maan, planeetstanden.
Boogschutter, As Mercury, crosses the midheaven angle of your chart you must keep your eyes and ears open for new work-related opportunities. Everything is in a state of flux at the moment – and that’s good news if you’re ambitious.
Kreeft, Mercury, moves into the most materialistic area of your chart today. What does that mean? It means you need to get serious about your dreams. What will make you the most money? Go for it.
Leeuw, Mars, planet of energy, transits the career angle of your chart from today, so keep your senses on full alert because there will be at least one, and maybe several, opportunities to move up in the world. Seize the chance before someone else does.
Maagd, It seems you have doubts about something you recently got involved in. Is it too late to change your mind? No it is not, but it must be now. Today’s full moon will help you make the split, though it may be costly.
Ram, The Sun at odds with fiery Mars will ignite your temper today, but although you may have good reason to be angry you know it’s not going to solve anything, so why bother? What happened to that Ram composure?
Schorpioen, Something seems to be causing you sleepless nights at the moment but whatever it is it won’t bug you for long. Today’s full moon will bring the situation to a head and going into next day you will feel a lot more confident about life generally, and about money in particular.
Steenbok, Aim high by all means but be realistic about what you can hope to achieve. Today’s new moon will inspire you to start something new but the only way you’ll find time for it is if you junk something old.
Stier, Stick with what you have started and see it through to the end. It may be consuming more time and energy than you expected it to but the planets warn that if you give up now you will regret it later. Where’s your staying power?
Tweelingen, You may be tempted to give up on a plan that isn’t making much headway but don’t be too hasty. Over the next few days, while Mercury is retrograde, you are advised to leave it alone for a bit — but don’t abandon it altogether.
Vissen, Try not to provoke an argument today, because with Neptune, planet of illusion, strong at the moment it is unlikely to go in your favor. Don’t worry if someone says untrue things about you — they can’t hurt you, so ignore them.
Waterman, The Sun at odds with Mars in your sign this day suggests that your temper will be easily frayed. You may say things you later regret but better that than not saying them at all. Words are a necessary safety valve.
Weegschaal, You will get what you want today but you will also have to pay a high price for it. Saturn, planet of success but also of limitation, will reward you for all your hard work — then demand that you work even harder.