Dagelijks een nieuwe planetenhoroscoop beheerd door de Schotse paragnost Andrew Burns, bepaald met zon, maan, planeetstanden.
Boogschutter, It may be a while before you can expand your horizons fully but there is still plenty you can do to make life more interesting. And make plans to go places around the time of next Today?s new moon.
Kreeft, Because your birth sign is ruled by Jupiter you are never down for long. The less attention you pay to financial worries over the next 48 hours the more you will be all smiles again next day.
Leeuw, The planets warn that an idea you have for improving your lot in life could actually make things worse than before. What happens over the day will remind you that happiness, like success, is largely a frame of mind.
Maagd, You may be tempted to walk away from a situation that is getting you down but if you do you are likely to regret it. With the Sun at odds with Pluto today this is not a good time for grand gestures.
Ram, Try not to waste your time and your energy arguing with people who don?t share your values. Today?s full moon means it is highly unlikely you will find common ground. Agree to disagree and go your separate ways.
Schorpioen, With Saturn moving slowly but relentlessly through the partnership area of your chart you must expect the occasional clash of egos. Think of it as a test to see how you react. If you react with love everything will be fine.
Steenbok, As mind planet Mercury turns direct in the career area of your chart you will remember what it was you were hoping to accomplish. Yes, you have wasted time, but you?ll make up for it. The delay could actually be to your benefit.
Stier, You have been wasting too much time and too much energy on things of no importance. The Sun?s change of signs today will help you find ways to streamline your chores, leaving more time for the fun things in life.
Tweelingen, You will be on top form today. However, as Jupiter, planet of excess, is so strong in your chart at the moment you must be careful not to come across as too domineering. Be the best but don?t be arrogant about it.
Vissen, A new moon in your sign of Vissen suggests you are thinking of moving on or doing something different with your life. That?s great, but have you talked it over with your loved ones? You should.
Waterman, If you want to enjoy yourself this coming day then you need to clear the decks today. Identify what it is that needs to be done (Mercury moving into your sign will help) then do it ? yes, right now.
Weegschaal, You may be practical by nature but you also know how to enjoy yourself and with love planet Venus moving through the relationship area of your chart one extra special friend will enjoy your company too.