Dagelijks een nieuwe planetenhoroscoop beheerd door de Schotse paragnost Andrew Burns, bepaald met zon, maan, planeetstanden.
Boogschutter, Today’s new moon in your sign suggests a new beginning, but it won’t just happen as if by magic. Fortunately you don’t lack for ambition or motivation — you are determined to make something of your life.
Kreeft, With Venus, planet of affection, moving through your sign you will find it easy enough to get your way, but is your way the right way? Listen to advice from those you trust before you act. You still have lots to learn.
Leeuw, There is no point blaming yourself for something that went wrong: the planets indicate it was bound to happen sooner or later. If anything you should be thankful the fallout wasn’t too bad. You’ve survived worse.
Maagd, You may be in need of a hug and a few kind words but you’ll be lucky if you get them. Others are too concerned with their own issues to pay much attention to yours. Try hot chocolate and marshmallows instead!
Ram, With Mercury, turning direct in one of the more open areas of your chart you should find it a lot easier to understand opposing viewpoints today. That doesn’t mean you will agree with them though.
Schorpioen, You have been wasting too much time and too much energy on things of no importance. The Sun’s change of signs today will help you find ways to streamline your chores, leaving more time for the fun things in life.
Steenbok, You get what you deserve — no less and no more. As Saturn begins one of its retrograde phases it may be tempting to believe that you have gained more than you should but don’t be so sure. Everything balances out in the end.
Stier, The Sun at odds with fiery Mars will ignite your temper today, but although you may have good reason to be angry you know it’s not going to solve anything, so why bother? What happened to that Stier composure?
Tweelingen, Mars moves into your birth sign this day, which is likely to make you a bit provocative and a bit impulsive. But what’s so bad about that? You’ve been far too serious for far too long. Stir things up!
Vissen, Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see things from their point of view. It may not be easy but with mind planet Mercury helping, there’s every chance you can work things out. You’re really not that different.
Waterman, The planets urge you to push your fears and doubts to one side and step boldly into the public domain. You may by nature prefer to stay out of the spotlight but you also have an important message for the world.
Weegschaal, Someone may tell you something with total and utter confidence but that does not mean it is true. The planets urge you to take nothing at face value this day, even from a face who has never let you down.