Dagelijks een financiële horoscoop door de Schotse paragnosten A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je financiële leven.
Boogschutter, You of all people should know that if you go to extremes you tend to provoke an extreme reaction, so why are you being so obstinate in your dealings with a friend or colleague? Don’t let money come between you – it’s the least important thing of all.
Kreeft, You may believe that all things are possible but others will need some convincing. Usually you would not care in the slightest what they think but the planets indicate that your financial security may depend on their support.
Leeuw, You may be imperious by nature but you are always prepared to listen to good advice and what friends and family members tell you today is worth its weight in gold. Don’t cash it in yet though — it’s value will keep on rising.
Maagd, The approaching Full Moon will make a lot of people more emotional than usual this day but you, with your marvelous self-control, won’t be one of them. While others are panicking you’ll be cashing in.
Ram, Knowledge is power and the more you are kept in the dark about financial matters this day the more power you will give to other people. Ask some inconvenient questions. It’s your money that is at stake after all.
Schorpioen, Think lucky and you will be lucky. It’s as simple as that. As Mercury moves into the money area of your chart you will find that the state of your mind directly influences the state of your bank balance. Thoughts and good fortune go hand in hand.
Steenbok, An eclipse in the money area of your chart will help you decide what needs to be done to improve your lot financially. First, of course, you must resist the urge to go on a spree. You don’t need any more bling!
Stier, Chances are you will go over the top and spend too much today, but in the greater scheme of things that’s no great crime. It could even work in your favor if you use your money to impress people in positions of authority. That’s an investment.
Tweelingen, You may be worried about your money situation but that’s okay because it will encourage you to search harder for a solution. A friend or relative will come up with an idea to improve your cash flow. It’s a good one.
Vissen, You can sense that something good is going to happen but because you are so impatient you may try to hurry things along, and that could be a mistake. This is not the best day to take risks, especially with money.
Waterman, No matter how confident you feel right now you must take care when dealing with money matters and business issues. Today’s Sun-Jupiter link could make you a bit too reckless for your own good. Look before you leap.
Weegschaal, Your mind may be bursting with great ideas but with Mercury at right angles to Uranus, planet of surprises, this day they may not be as awesome as you imagine. Get a second opinion before you back an idea with serious cash.