Dagelijks een financiële horoscoop door de Schotse paragnosten A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je financiële leven.
Boogschutter, Common sense should tell you that your winning streak is going to end sooner or later, so now would be a good time to cash in some of your chips and enjoy your good fortune. But watch what you spend.
Kreeft, You have never been one to let your heart rule your head and you are strongly advised not to change your ways now. In business and money matters especially you must stick to the facts and keep emotions, your own and other people’s, out of the equation.
Leeuw, This is not a good time to be adventurous financially. With values planet Venus at odds with Uranus, planet of surprises, you could lose out big time if you get carried away. However, this is a good time for travel and social activities, so get out and about and have fun — but watch the cost.
Maagd, Watch and wait this day. What you observe will undoubtedly help in ways you had not expected, especially where money and property matters are concerned. Financially, you are about to do better than you expected.
Ram, Others may say you should suppress your natural instincts but you know you won’t be happy if you do, so ignore their advice and do what feels right to you. If your instincts tell you to be suspicious then be suspicious. It could save you a lot of money.
Schorpioen, This is one of the best times for a long time to be on the move, and the more people you meet on your travels today the more likely it is you will learn something to your advantage. New contacts mean new contracts — and big money.
Steenbok, You’ll need to be in the right place at the right time this day to take advantage of a social situation that could lead to a money-making opportunity. Don’t sit at home in front of the TV — get out there and make things happen.
Stier, The most important thing today is that you keep your mind clear of thoughts that are of no importance. If you don’t you may be too confused to recognize, let alone take advantage of, a money-making opportunity that comes at you out of the blue.
Tweelingen, There is no easy solution to an ongoing money issue, so avoid instant fixes and get-rich-quick schemes — you know they are not going to work. If you haven’t got a long-term plan start putting one together today.
Vissen, The only danger today is that you will allow someone to persuade you to buy something that you cannot really afford. You don’t need to flash the cash to prove your commitment to them — and if they expect you to it’s not a good sign.
Waterman, Someone you work with will fall out of favor today, but you should not feel too sorry for them because if your roles were to be reversed they would not care about you. All is fair in love, war, business and making money.
Weegschaal, The more others urge caution this day the more inclined you will be to take chances – and you’ll be glad you did. It’s time to cash in on your ideas and your willingness to do things in a different way.