Dagelijks een financiële horoscoop door de Schotse paragnosten A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je financiële leven.
Boogschutter, Mercury, planet of the mind, turns in your favor today, and the most likely result is that you will adopt a more practical attitude to money matters. Also, don?t waste your time on ventures that do not pay.
Kreeft, You may be eager to start on a new plan or project but you are advised to wait and see what today?s excellent Jupiter-Saturn aspect brings your way. It may well be that there is an even better outlet for your talents, one that will satisfy your creative urges and make you money.
Leeuw, Today?s full moon means you will clash with someone over money, possessions and things of a materialistic nature. However, a few days from now you most likely won?t even be able to remember what upset you or why.
Maagd, The more others urge caution this day the more inclined you will be to take chances ? and you?ll be glad you did. It?s time to cash in on your ideas and your willingness to do things in a different way.
Ram, Forget about cash flow issues and focus on something that brings a smile to your face. It?s time to get your life back in perspective and to remind yourself that, in the greater scheme of things, money is of only minor importance.
Schorpioen, There is no easy solution to an ongoing money issue, so avoid instant fixes and get-rich-quick schemes ? you know they are not going to work. If you haven?t got a long-term plan start putting one together today.
Steenbok, You have made a number of sacrifices in recent days and should now be feeling the benefits. So don?t go and spoil it by taking unnecessary risks. Today?s cosmic picture is a warning not to gamble with money, especially your own!
Stier, Be on your guard over the next 24 hours. The planets suggest someone will try to talk you into parting with some of your hard-earned cash ? don?t fall for it. If it sounds too good to be true then give it a miss.
Tweelingen, Your ability to resist temptation will be severely limited over the next 24 hours. With so much positive financial activity in your chart you figure that the best way to raise your spirits is to spend a bit of money. Make sure it?s only a bit.
Vissen, You may be worried about your cash flow situation but this is not a good time to make important decisions concerning your finances or business arrangements. You won?t know for sure what needs to be done until by the end of the day.
Waterman, Go out of your way to help other people, because what you do for friends and loved ones now will be done for you at some stage in the not-too-distant future. Don?t just be generous with your money, be generous with your time too.
Weegschaal, You may believe that all things are possible but others will need some convincing. Usually you would not care in the slightest what they think but the planets indicate that your financial security may depend on their support.