Dagelijks een financiële horoscoop door de Schotse paragnosten A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je financiële leven.
Boogschutter, Make the most of the favorable cosmic climate to push ahead with a creative or artistic project you hope will impress enough important people to get you recognized. Everyone has a special talent. Yours can make you extra money.
Kreeft, You may not be the sort to waste money on frivolous things but with today’s Venus-Uranus aspect cutting across the financial axis of your chart you won’t hesitate to splash out on something that is fun. Just be careful you don’t get carried away and dip into your savings. You’ll regret it later if you do.
Leeuw, You may be cautious by nature but every so often you are tempted to bet against the odds and if your sixth sense says you are on to a winner by all means take a financial risk. But remember the rule: only bet as much as you can afford to lose.
Maagd, This may be a restless day for you but that’s okay. In fact the more you chop and change and move around the more fun you will have – and the more money-making opportunities you are likely to attract.
Ram, A money-making opportunity will come at you out of the blue today and hopefully you won’t be too shocked to take advantage of it. Is it a good idea? No it’s not — it’s a great idea, so don’t you dare waste it.
Schorpioen, The most important thing this day is that you start looking at your money situation with a more serious eye. You have been extremely active over the past few days but you have also bled cash. Replenish your financial reserves before they get any lower.
Steenbok, The financial axis of your chart is under a bit of strain at the moment, so be careful how you spend your money — better still don’t spend anything at all. Save what you’ve got for that proverbial “rainy day”.
Stier, Someone you thought was quite selfish will do you an unasked for favor this day. Do they have an ulterior motive? Is it a trick to get at your money? Maybe, but more likely you were wrong – they aren’t selfish at all.
Tweelingen, A financial or business opportunity may be tempting but there is no guarantee that it will be a success, so only get involved if you think it is worth the risk. Don’t trust what other people tell you, trust your own instincts – they’re seldom wrong.
Vissen, There is no point worrying about your financial situation and making yourself depressed. Chances are you are not seeing things too clearly at the moment, especially where money is concerned. What you need will be forthcoming.
Waterman, Others may pour cold water on your plan and say it can’t be done but you have great faith in your ability to take an abstract idea and make it a concrete reality. Even a lack of financial resources won’t be enough to dent your confidence this day. You’ll know without knowing how or why you know that your needs will be taken care of.
Weegschaal, Today’s full moon means you will clash with someone over money, possessions and things of a materialistic nature. However, a few days from now you most likely won’t even be able to remember what upset you or why.