Dagelijks een financiële horoscoop door de Schotse paragnosten A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je financiële leven.
Boogschutter, If you talk too much today it could cost you dear, and not only financially. Someone you live or work with is harboring a secret grudge and if you say the wrong thing they won?t hesitate to use it against you. Think before you speak.
Kreeft, Even the most selfless needs to pay the bills and make ends meet, and with Mars moving into the financial area of your chart you will get the chance to boost your income. Money isn?t evil, it?s just another tool.
Leeuw, No matter how much you want to believe that someone is being honest with you the planets warn that may not be the case. You can be somewhat reckless at times and it could cost you a lot of cash if you take too much on trust.
Maagd, You are a lot richer than you imagine and with some outstanding cosmic activity in the money area of your chart you won?t be out of pocket for long. Is your run of luck too good to be true? Maybe, but believe in it anyway.
Ram, Don?t be too hard on yourself if you have spent too much money in recent days. You may now be feeling the pinch but you had a lot of fun too, so it was cash well spent. It?s only bits of paper after all.
Schorpioen, If you need to sort out your financial situation you have no alternative but to meet others halfway, even if it means you end up with slightly less than you think you deserve. It?s better to give a bit than get nothing at all.
Steenbok, Your life seems to be a frenzy of activity at the moment and the pace won?t let up until the Sun changes signs by the end of the day. However, where money matters are concerned you must ? repeat must ? slow your thinking right down, because if you act too fast it could cost you some serious cash.
Stier, Others may say you should suppress your natural instincts but you know you won?t be happy if you do, so ignore their advice and do what feels right to you. If your instincts tell you to be suspicious then be suspicious. It could save you a lot of money.
Tweelingen, If you need to ask someone for help with your finances now is the time to approach them. Cosmic activity in the money area of your chart will help you convince them that your cause is deserving. But it?s unlikely that their assistance will come cheap.
Vissen, The urge to spend money may be overwhelming today but you?ve got to fightit because you are going to need that cash over the next two or three days. You can still have fun, and plenty of it, without breaking the bank.
Waterman, In recent days the emphasis has been on relationships but very soon it will shift to matters of a business or financial nature. Tread carefully when dealing with other people?s money: the potential for trouble is huge.
Weegschaal, Life is supposed to be fun and few people get more enjoyment out of their daily activities than you. But family and financial issues still need to be dealt with, and quickly. That means today, not next day or next year.