Dagelijks een nieuwe LiefdesHoroscoop. Door de Amerikaanse Paragnost Dern. Iedere dag een advies mbt liefde/affectie.
LiefdesHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; Balance will be restored in your life. This person you are with is open & honest. Explain how you feel and they will act accordingly.

Kreeft; It may be better to take a break from your loved one & go off by yourself. Do anything that make you feel uplifted & recharged

Leeuw; There may be moments of inspiration that you simply cannot explain. Stop trying to pin them down or you could lose them altogether.

Maagd; You may be very critical of the flaws in your relationship, even though you too play a part in this. You need a different view.

Ram; Improving your love life will not happen by merely hoping to meet someone special, but by actively expanding your horizons.

Schorpioen; This may not be a day you will particularly enjoy. You should find your most soothing voice as you speak through gritted teeth.

Steenbok; You’ll encounter someone just as creative as you. As you charm each other with written word you will find how well match you are.

Stier; Many of you are recently or not so recently single. That could all change over the next few days.

Tweelingen; You might want to hold back your sense of humor with your new lover as they may not understand it. Laugh with them rather than at them

Vissen; There may be more than to people vying for your affection. You'll have to play peacemaker as you decide which one you prefer more.

Waterman; Understanding your feelings and the feelings of others man not come so easily at the moment. Have patience with those around you.

Weegschaal; Don't let your mood hinder you as you & the one who has your heart go out and enjoy the evening. Enjoy yourself and each other.