Dagelijks een nieuwe LiefdesHoroscoop. Door de Amerikaanse Paragnost Dern. Iedere dag een advies mbt liefde/affectie.
LiefdesHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; You may receive an invitation from a person you lust deeply after. This is a reminder there are more important things than work.

Kreeft; The planetary configuration brings you many things today. You may feel as though you’re on a roller coaster but you make it through.

Leeuw; There are people taking themselves far to seriously today & sadly you are one of them. Feelings are not to be hidden or be ashamed of.

Maagd; Someone pushing you to hard and to fast into a commitment you really aren't ready for. This will not fix the problem.

Ram; Be careful that you are not dictating all the terms of the relationship. Allow your partner little freedom of movement.

Schorpioen; Your new attitude could lead way to new adventures & the start of great friendships or love associated with wealth and achievement.

Steenbok; You can do a lot to improve your love life, but make sure you do it based on reality, not on idle promises. Mean and do what you say.

Stier; What you think is happening is likely not. Get to the bottom of everything, so you can get the relationship back on track.

Tweelingen; You might want to seriously think about the future of your love life. Do not come to any decisions today, wait a day or two.

Vissen; You will be reminded that sometimes, you need to leave well enough alone so that they can work themselves out.

Waterman; Today you may feel somewhat isolated from your partner. If you could just talk about how you feel. This will bridge the gap.

Weegschaal; Trust yourself and the process when it comes to your love life today.