Dagelijks een nieuwe LiefdesHoroscoop. Door de Amerikaanse Paragnost Dern. Iedere dag een advies mbt liefde/affectie.
LiefdesHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; Everyone’s energies seem to run both hot & cold today. Dont let this affect you & try not to take anything personally during this time

Kreeft; You have the urge to rid yourself of any limitations or obstacles in your love life. Don't burn a relationship you want to hold on to

Leeuw; Certain issues seem confused and you know something is not quite right. Talking may confuse things even further so wait for clarity.

Maagd; Some things may happen in your love life today that could cause you to overreact. You have a choice, be over critical or laugh it off.

Ram; Don't feel up to that date this evening, go anyways. It will certainly be well worth you making the effort.

Schorpioen; Your passions are strong & compelling at this time. You will have plenty of opportunities to tame those passions however you see fit.

Steenbok; Get rid of your dour mood before you meet your loved one today. Arguments & mixed emotions are just not worth any entanglements.

Stier; Things in your love life are not going the way you though they would. Help may come from someone who has always been by your side.

Tweelingen; Your love life may be taking a downturn because of todays stormy energy. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up this mess.

Vissen; If you can make a plan and find a way to realistically follow through you may just get everything your little heart desires.

Waterman; Verbal persuasion will get you everywhere today, even giving you the chance to have your wicked way with your loved one.

Weegschaal; Looking for romance, make just a little effort & take a risk. You need to put yourself out there so you can appreciate & taste life!