Dagelijks een nieuwe LiefdesHoroscoop. Door de Amerikaanse Paragnost Dern. Iedere dag een advies mbt liefde/affectie.
LiefdesHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; You have either met someone or will be meeting someone who is really making a massive effort to please you. Be gracious.

Kreeft; Many of you are recently or not so recently single. That could all change over the next few days.

Leeuw; Do what you can to manage your passion. Those you encounter may not be able to handle it all.

Maagd; If you are actively looking for someone special to spend your time with, now is a good time to mingle or be much friendlier than usual.

Ram; You have a chance to get to know someone special much better than you do. As fate would have it, the connection is extraordinary

Schorpioen; When was the last time you showed true affection and appreciation to your loved one? Don’t you think its time?

Steenbok; You have some ideas about your loved one but are not sure if they are right. Try and get to the bottom of this.

Stier; Random surges of emotions are what you will expect for today. You may go from one extreme to another.

Tweelingen; This is a good time for many of you as you will find your love life to be satisfying and nearly harmonious.

Vissen; You may see what isn’t there or cannot see what is right in front of you. Follow your heart.

Waterman; You certainly may remember this day for some time to come because you weren’t afraid to ask for what you really wanted.

Weegschaal; Now is time to clear up any issues. Not just because of the holiday coming but because you are tired of feeling the weight this carries.