Vampyr Vincent doet hier iedere dag een nieuwe dagvoorspelling.
  Voorspelling per ieder sterrenbeeld bepaald. (deze toekomstvoorspelling geldt alleen voor vandaag)
Boogschutter Wherefore, heroism?
Kreeft Watch your step.
Leeuw Curious methodologies and aperatus' can calm even the most tormented soul.
Maagd Room by room, hall by hall, we reclaim what is ours.
Ram Good fortune and hard work may yet arrest this plague.
Schorpioen Unnerved, unbalanced...
Steenbok Exposed to a killing blow...
Stier Tokens of hope, recovered from the encroaching dark.
Tweelingen Where there is no peril in the task, there can be no glory in its accomplishment.
Vissen Seafaring trade, the lifeblood of any port, can resume again now that the routes are safe.
Waterman Beacons in the darkness, stars in the emptiness of the void.
Weegschaal Ambushed by foul invention!