Vampyr Vincent doet hier iedere dag een nieuwe dagvoorspelling.
  Voorspelling per ieder sterrenbeeld bepaald. (deze toekomstvoorspelling geldt alleen voor vandaag)
Boogschutter Ambushed by foul invention!
Kreeft The agents of pestilence will yet be driven from our woods!
Leeuw Ancient traps lie in wait, unsprung and thirsting for blood.
Maagd Their formation is broken - maintain the offensive.
Ram Alone in the woods or tunnels, survival is the same. Prepare, persist, and overcome.
Schorpioen One can sometimes find clarity in madness, but only rarely...
Steenbok Let me share with you the terrible wonders I have come to know...
Stier No chance for egress - will this be a massacre?
Tweelingen Every cleared path and charted route reduces the isolation of our troubled estate.
Vissen The light, the promise of safety!
Waterman This man understands that existence and adversity are one and the same.
Weegschaal Brigands have the run of these lanes, keep to the side path, the Hamlet is just ahead.