Vampyr Vincent doet hier iedere dag een nieuwe dagvoorspelling.
  Voorspelling per ieder sterrenbeeld bepaald. (deze toekomstvoorspelling geldt alleen voor morgen)
Boogschutter Strong drink, a game of chance, and companionship. The rush of life.
Kreeft The aquatic devils have remade the poor girl in their image! She is their queen, and their slave!
Leeuw Even the cold stone seems bent on preventing passage.
Maagd A wise general cuts losses, and regroups.
Ram Can you feel it? The walls between the sane world and that unplumbed dimension of delirium are tenuously thin here...
Schorpioen A little hope, however desperate, is never without worth.
Steenbok The sin is not in being outmatched, but in failing to recognize it.
Stier The slow death - unforeseen, unforgiving.
Tweelingen I always wondered what became of the unfortunate little waif...
Vissen Brigands have the run of these lanes, keep to the side path, the Hamlet is just ahead.
Waterman The light, the promise of safety!
Weegschaal Elusive, evasive, persistent. Righteous traits for a rogue.