Vampyr Vincent doet hier iedere dag een nieuwe dagvoorspelling.
  Voorspelling per ieder sterrenbeeld bepaald. (deze toekomstvoorspelling geldt alleen voor morgen)
Boogschutter Such blockages are unsurprising – these tunnels predate even the earliest settlers.
Kreeft Curious is the trap-maker's art. His efficacy unwitnessed by his own eyes.
Leeuw A devastating blow...
Maagd Trinkets and charms, gathered from all the forgotten corners of the earth...
Ram They must learn more than brutal bloodletting - they must learn to survive!
Schorpioen Even the cold stone seems bent on preventing passage.
Steenbok Twisted and maniacal - a slathering testament to the powers of corruption!
Stier Brigands have the run of these lanes, keep to the side path, the Hamlet is just ahead.
Tweelingen Welcome home, such as it is. This squalid hamlet, these corrupted lands, they are yours now, and you are bound to them.
Vissen Confidence surges as the enemy crumbles!
Waterman You answered the letter - now like me, you are part of this place.
Weegschaal Perched at the very precipice of oblivion...