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Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start looking for ways to improve your circumstances. It may be that you have to work harder for less reward for a while but think of it as an investment. The tide WILL turn soon.


You will come up with an excellent idea today, the kind of idea that can make you a lot of money. The bad news is you won’t be able to do much with it just yet. Be patient. Things happen at the proper time.


If you let someone get away with cheating you once they will believe they can do so any time they choose. The first time it happens must also be the last time. Come down on them hard. Make sure they get the message


Simplicity is a philosophy that sounds so good yet is so hard to put into practice. By all means simplify your life today but don’t throw everything out. You are more emotionally attached to some things than you realize.


You may have to postpone something you have been looking forward to for quite some time, but you have promises to keep and you cannot let people down. Remember: it’s only a postponement, not a cancellation.


Life may be a bed of roses at the moment but in just a few days time you will be faced by challenges that require you to make sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty, so don’t get too comfy! Be ready for change.


You don’t have to come on strong to make your point today. Say what you have to say calmly and clearly and let others make up their minds about it in their own good time. Just make sure you sound sincere.


Don’t involve yourself in someone else’s private affairs unless you are expressly asked to do so. Even if you think you can be of assistance your efforts will not be welcome. Keep your distance, for now.


If you must be impulsive, at least be impulsive in the right way. The influence of Mars in one of the more outgoing areas of the sky is helpful for taking risks, but only if they are of the calculated variety. Anything else spells trouble.


Anyone who tries to impose restrictions on you must be told in no uncertain terms that you will not be limited by their ideas of how you should behave. Only you have the right to decide what morals will guide you.


If someone confronts you with evidence of wrongdoing don’t try to wriggle out of it. Admit that you are to blame and accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions. With luck, your honesty will disarm your critics.


Listen carefully to what friends and family and work colleagues are saying. It may seem like idle chatter but in there somewhere is information that can be turned to your own advantage. Listen. Learn. Act.


Putting emotions into words can be hard and no doubt you are aware that a loved one is having difficulty explaining their feelings. Make it easy for them by revealing your own feelings first – and make sure they’re positive.


What others say and what others mean today are likely to be two entirely different things, so don’t take what you hear at face value. Always check facts and figures for yourself, especially when there is money at stake.


You may be tempted to end a relationship, be it personal or professional, that has been nothing but trouble of late but is that such a wise move? Your attitude will change dramatically over the next few days, so wait a bit.


The world will seem a happier place over the next 48 hours, and no matter what you may be up to you must find time to have fun. Sometimes you can be too serious for your own good, but not now!


Don’t worry too much if you find it hard to understand what is going on around you today — on this occasion ignorance is bliss. If you get caught up in other people’s affairs you may not be able to find a way out again.


Be honest with yourself about what it is you desire and what it is you are prepared to do to possess it. Some kind of sacrifice will have to be made and only you can decide if it is worth it. Decide soon.


Your thoughts seem to be turning to how you can make your everyday routine less of a chore. Find ways to get partners and colleagues to shoulder more of the burden. Don’t even think of trying to do everything yourself.


You may see things in terms of black and white but not everyone looks at the world the same way. In the greater scheme of things there is no such thing as good guys and bad guys, there are only seekers after truth.


You have been wasting too much time and too much energy on things of no importance. The Sun’s change of signs today will help you find ways to streamline your chores, leaving more time for the fun things in life.


The cosmic powers are smiling on you now and one way or another your efforts will be recognized and rewarded over the next few days. However, you must not — repeat, not — take on any new responsibilities. You’re doing enough.


At some point today you will see or hear something that encourages you to view the world you inhabit in a radically new way. Your new way of thinking will answer so many of the questions you have been asking.


Generally speaking you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what makes you tick, but today you will question who you are and what you are doing in life. The answers you get will surprise you. And, yes, you’re doing OK.


You may be angry that you made a bad decision but you are human like everyone else, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Use this setback to motivate yourself to try again. There’s always a next time.


Be a catalyst for change. Be the one who speaks up when others are too scared to make their thoughts and feelings known. Don’t worry that you might provoke a negative response – it’s better than no response.


An upheaval of some kind will throw those around you into a tizzy today but you will stay calm and stay focused on your number one aim, which is to make some serious money. Changes are good for you.


Life moves in cycles and the cycle you are now in the middle of is positive in the extreme. Having said that, with values planet Venus moving retrograde you cannot afford to take anything for granted. Enjoy life but be sensible too.


Be decisive and dynamic and take full advantage of the new opportunities now coming your way. Everything will work out for the best if you believe in yourself and if you believe that the universe wants you to succeed.


It’s okay to get a bit emotional occasionally, but it’s not okay to let it get out of hand. If you have to say “Goodbye” to someone today make sure they know it won’t be permanent. There’s no need for tears.


For best results today you should be totally honest about your feelings, even in situations where a backlash is likely. You may lose out in some way in the short-term but in the long-term your reputation will soar.


Have the courage of your convictions and do what your heart tells you is right. The fact that no one else seems to think it is right is irrelevant. What matters is that you act on what your inner voice tells you.


Happiness is a state of mind and you will be on top of the world over the next 48 hours. If you get the chance to go some place new with your friends then take it and don’t worry about the time or the cost.


As the current full moon cuts across the home and career axis of your chart you will have to find new ways to make room in life for both your domestic responsibilities and vocational aspirations. Give it some thought, then act.


Mercury and Pluto unite to give your words a degree of authority that will help you get your way on the work front. Don’t be afraid to lay down the law. Make sure others know that you are the boss — and only you.


A wonderful new phase starts for you today as the Sun moves into your birth sign. Have you made your plans? Do you know what it is you are aiming for? All you have to do now is go on and get it.


Make sure you play by the rules today, because if you try to cut corners you are sure to regret it. Those who say you should take more risks are secretly hoping you will do something silly that benefits them at your expense.


Family affairs have been a bit difficult of late, but you will soon get the chance to put things right. Sit down with loved ones and discuss what has gone wrong — and what needs to be done to bring back the good times.


If you want to make a success of what you are working on you must get assistance. You have taken it as far as you can on your own, now you must team up with someone who is an expert in areas you know little about.


Don’t allow yourself to react to the kind of provocation that most others times would go right over your head. If you let your temper lead you today it could have negative financial repercussions. You don’t want that.


You need to deal with a family quarrel positively rather than hide your head in the sand and hope that it goes away. If you have had your fill of someone’s constant moaning then it’s time that you said so.


You don’t have to take one particular path through life, no matter what your friends or your family might say. There are numerous paths to self-discovery and you can take as many or as few as feels right to you.


What happens today may cause you to question some of your most cherished beliefs. Aquarians don’t change their views often but when they do they go all the way. Go right ahead and turn your world upside down!


Mars in your sign makes it easy for you to defend your interests, but you will also find it easy to go too far and say and do things you might later regret. Not everyone should be treated as an enemy.



Today’s cosmic activity will give you the confidence to step into the spotlight and let employers and other important people know what you are capable of. Don’t worry about being over-ambitious. Push as hard as you can.


You seem to be asking yourself a lot of serious questions of late, but are you getting any intelligent answers? If not maybe you should loosen up a bit and not take life so seriously – then the answers will come.


The more others say you need to make changes the more you must resist. This is not the right time to throw everything up in the air. That applies as much to your personal life as it does to your career.


Although you like to do things for people, it’s not always the wisest move. You may feel sorry for someone you meet today but don’t let your sympathy show or they will play on your feelings. Pretend you don’t care.



You are full of energy and enthusiasm, and that’s good, but Mars in your sign turns retrograde in just a few days, so you need to focus that energy and enthusiasm on actually getting things done. Not later – right now.


Your opinions could get you into trouble today, especially if what you say offends people in positions of power. Will that warning stop you? Most likely not. With Mercury, your ruler, turning retrograde you just can’t help yourself.


Talk to other people as if each and every one of them is and always will be the most important person in your life. Ideally, of course, you would treat them this way all the time but it’s not always as easy as it is now.


You can and you must make your mark. You can and you must do more with your talents. For too long you have been content to get by as best you can, but that is no longer an option. Get serious.



Put yourself in a loved one’s hands and let them decide how you are going to spend the day. What you do is of less importance than the fact that you are doing it together — it’s something that will make you both very happy.


Today’s Sun-Mercury union in your sign will clear your mind of irrelevant details and allow you to start moving forwards again. Be brave, be bold and above all be ready to act when opportunity comes knocking.


The best advice you can get will always come from your own inner voice, so if it tells you to go off and be by yourself for a while that is exactly what you must do. What others think about it doesn’t matter.


You seem to be asking yourself a lot of serious questions of late, but are you getting any intelligent answers? If not maybe you should loosen up a bit and not take life so seriously – then the answers will come.



You may have to make a sacrifice or two today but it will be worth it. Do what others expect of you and, if possible, with a smile on your face. Make life easy for others but most of all for yourself.


Someone in a position of authority may be an idiot (there’s really no other way to put it) but they have got the power to make life difficult for you, so watch what you say. Better still, say nothing at all.


There are only so many hours in a day and it is a crime to waste even one of them tormenting yourself about things that are over and done with. Turn your back on the past — it’s time to move on.


The planets make it easy for you to approach people in positions of power. Let them know who you are and what you can do, but make sure you have thought through your plans and proposals. Work hard to impress them.



Is it wrong to be happy when other people are sad? Of course not! You’re not responsible for their emotions, any more than they’re responsible for yours, so laugh as much as you like. Be an example they’ll want to follow.


The odds may be stacked against you but you have what it takes to overcome them. You may be mild-mannered on the outside but inside you have the kind of strength and stamina that can move mountains — well, small ones at least.


You are worrying for no good reason and there is a danger that because your anxieties are so intense you will attract to yourself exactly the sort of experiences you want so desperately to avoid. Focus your mind on happy thoughts only.


The cracks in a working partnership are getting a bit too wide to ignore, so make it your main aim today to either close up the gap or end the liaison once and for all. It might be easier just to move on.



Aim to do something different today, something that shakes up friends, family and work colleagues and reminds them that you are not the sort of person who can be taken for granted. If they want to earn your respect they are going to have to show you some respect first.


The world won’t come to a halt today but you will notice that certain parts of it start to slow down. It could, of course, be an optical illusion; maybe it’s just you speeding up and moving faster than everyone else.


There are so many new opportunities coming your way at the moment, but you must not take your good fortune for granted. Life has a funny way of tripping us up just when we feel the most confident.


You’ve kept your head down of late but you will be less fearful today about the path you are planning to take. Yes, of course, some people won’t like it, but do they matter? No they do not. It’s what you want that counts.



It will pay you to be nice to people today, especially those who might be able to further your career interests. Don’t let your temper get the better of you if someone rubs you up the wrong way. Harsh words won’t do any good.


Someone you meet today will make such an impression on you that you actually want to be like them. Remember though that you are who you are for a reason. Why not just be better at being yourself?


You may not be able to put your feelings into words today but your body language will tell others what they need to know. Besides, mere words may be inadequate when it comes to conveying the intensity of your emotions.


No matter how annoying certain individuals may be you must not allow yourself to be provoked. You may be angry on the inside but on the outside you should project a picture of calm. Don’t let them get to you.



Family affairs have been a bit difficult of late, but you will soon get the chance to put things right. Sit down with loved ones and discuss what has gone wrong — and what needs to be done to bring back the good times.


Make the most of the next 24 hours. With the new moon working in your favor anything you start is sure to be a success. Times like this come around all too rarely, so show the world what you can do.


You may not always be the most romantic member of the zodiac but you have your moments. Today’s cosmic influences will encourage you to be more open about your feelings – but not so open that your heart rules your head entirely.


Be careful what you agree to today because nothing is quite what it seems. The more someone tries to persuade you that their plan is foolproof the more suspicious you should be. There’s no sure thing.



You cannot force people to change their beliefs. The more you try the more they will cling to them. But why would you want to change them? The world is actually a better place for its myriad opinions.


You may be eager for success but are you ready to take on the responsibilities that go with it? That is the question you must answer before deciding what your next move will be. Don’t rush it — there’s plenty of time.


What happens over the next few days will surely remind you that it is not where you look but how you look that determines the way you see the world. Be positive in your outlook and the world will be positive too.


Stay on top of your workload today, because if you let things slide you will find it difficult to catch up later. The best way to get things done and still have time to yourself is to delegate more. Trust your co-workers.



Don’t give away information about your financial situation, certainly not to strangers and not even to friends. Most people can be trusted but there may be someone out there who would, if they could, use it against you.


Be careful how you talk to people today because if you give offence, even by accident, it could have implications for your status and reputation. Think before you speak — and steer clear of controversial issues.


You must let certain people know that you do not exist merely for their convenience. This may come as a surprise as you have allowed them to get away with so much in the past, but now it’s time to draw a line.


Take what is on offer today even if it is less than you were hoping for. If you hold out too long there is a chance that others will lose patience and pull back from the brink. It’s a good deal, so take it.



The planets suggest that little things will be more important than big things today, so focus on the kind of details that others tend to overlook. On the home front especially your keen eye will spot danger quickly.


So many of the things you have been worrying about mean nothing in the greater scheme of things, so promise yourself now, this very minute, that they will no longer be allowed to control you. And mean it.


Make an effort to communicate with someone you desperately want to get back on good terms with. They will appreciate that effort and respond in a way that delights you. Looks like passion is back on the menu!


You may not much like what you are expected to do today but do it anyway and do it with passion and commitment. Even the most unpleasant task can be made more enjoyable by the way you choose to approach it.