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An upheaval of some kind will throw those around you into a tizzy today but you will stay calm and stay focused on your number one aim, which is to make some serious money. Changes are good for you.


You have some tough tasks ahead of you and no doubt you are worried that you might fail. Don’t be. If you approach what you have to do in the right spirit you will win through sooner or later – probably sooner.


You cannot keep your thoughts and feelings hidden indefinitely — at some stage you are going to have to come clean with friends and family. Mercury, planet of communication, will help you find the words you need to explain yourself.


Keep your plans to yourself today, and keep people who try to nose into your private affairs at arm’s length. You may have nothing to hide as such but that won’t stop them trying to undermine your confidence.


Be careful how you talk to people today because if you give offence, even by accident, it could have implications for your status and reputation. Think before you speak — and steer clear of controversial issues.


What occurs over the next 24 hours will remind you that subtlety is a more powerful force than brute strength. If there is something you want, find a way to get it without treading (too hard!) on other people’s toes.


Not everyone shares your passion for certain issues, so don’t go around trying to convert those who are simply not that interested. It takes all sorts to make a world — that’s why it’s such an interesting place.


You need to find an outlet for all that energy that has been building up inside you. Physical activity of some kind is a must today as it will help you work off your frustrations. Just don’t be too competitive.


Try to stay calm and, wherever possible, stay out of the way of people who rub you up the wrong way. If your current environment gets a little too heated take off by yourself for a day or two.


Are you doing something useful with your life? No doubt you are but you also know there is more you could and should be doing. So get serious about it. Join with people who share your concerns and change the world for better.


A relationship that has been in the doldrums can be revived over the next few days, simply by believing that you are better off as a couple than as two individuals. It’s a great time to kiss and make up.


It is always a mistake to compare yourself to other people and it would be even more of a mistake now with the Sun occupying such a good position in your chart. Showcase your talents – of which you’ve got plenty.


Anything of a creative nature will go well for you today but it will go even better if you make an effort to bring other people into your plans. Let friends and family members know you want them by your side. And mean it.


So you failed at something? So what? At least it is evidence that you attempted to do something out of the ordinary. How many people do you know that can claim that for themselves? You’re special. Keep trying.


Today’s lunar eclipse may tempt you to give up on something that is taking up a large chunk of your time and your energy, but if you stop now you will regret it later when you look back and realize how close you were to success. Keep at it.


The cult of new is not always good. Sometimes the old way of doing things is best and because you have never been one to slavishly follow fashion you will, most likely, avoid the mistakes that others make today.


Don’t let people get away with statements which are clearly untrue. You can tell the difference between fact and fiction and you see it as your duty to point out errors. Good for you, but don’t expect to make many friends!


With Saturn moving slowly but relentlessly through the partnership area of your chart you must expect the occasional clash of egos. Think of it as a test to see how you react. If you react with love everything will be fine.


Why are you holding back when you don’t have to? Could it be your subconscious is warning you there is some kind of obstacle up ahead that your conscious mind is not yet aware of? Yes it could, so proceed with caution.


You could work harder, or you could spend more time with family and friends. The choice is yours to make but the planets will encourage you to put your personal life first today. It’s all about love.


You may be anxious about a money matter or work issue that is outside your control but if you focus your attention on other, more enjoyable, things you’ll get through the day without too many problems — maybe no problems at all.


Only you have the right to decide if your efforts have been successful. Only you have the right to decide if you have done enough. Don’t let others take that right from you — it’s one of the most precious things you possess.


This will be one of those days when no matter how hard you try to get your head around what’s going on you just can’t make the connection. No matter. If everything in life made sense it would be far less interesting.


It’s good that you are the forgiving sort but don’t go too far and forgive people for crimes they should really be punished for or you will get a reputation as an easy touch. But you’re not that stupid, are you?


By all means help others in need but first make sure that they are genuine and deserving cases. Sadly, some people will feign all sorts of misfortune just to get a few extra bucks. Don’t fall for it.


Put yourself in a loved one’s hands and let them decide how you are going to spend the day. What you do is of less importance than the fact that you are doing it together — it’s something that will make you both very happy.


If you have fallen behind in your schedule and need to catch up this will be a busy day. If you are ahead in your work it will still be a busy day but you’ll also be able to treat yourself to something nice. Treat others too.


It’s no big deal that different people see things in different ways — not unless you choose to make it a big deal. Don’t think of today’s clash of opinions as a threat, think of it as an opportunity to see life from a different angle.


You won’t hesitate to help someone in need today. However, the planets warn that a tale of woe you are about to hear is only part of a much bigger story, so make it your business to find out the rest.


A partnership issue has come to a head and you must deal with it as quickly and cleanly as possible. There is no point ignoring it and hoping that it will go away because it won’t. Be decisive. Any decision is better than no decision.


By all means push your luck a bit today. By all means believe that great things are possible. Friends, colleagues and even your boss will be jealous of your popularity — and they will be even more jealous that you’re so modest about it.


Others may be happy to talk around a problem but you don’t have the patience: you will call it as you see it today and if certain people don’t like it that’s just too bad. And when you’ve finished talking — act!


It is of the utmost importance that you keep your thinking simple today. Don’t go confusing people, or yourself, with ideas that are too big to grasp. You are already heading in the right direction, so just keep going.


Your confidence is improving by the hour and it won’t be long before your more positive attitude brings some seriously encouraging results. Both in your personal life and at work people will appreciate your new self-assurance.


Everyone makes mistakes so don’t make a big issue of it if something goes wrong – it’s not the end of the world. The more forgiving you are today the more you will benefit financially and professionally later on.


Cosmic activity on and around the midheaven angle of your chart encourages you to be more ambitious. You may not be as assertive as some of your colleagues but creatively you are in a league of your own.


It’s good that you are not satisfied with your lot. It’s good that you want more from life. Look for ways to improve your status and you will surely find them. The ladder of success is right there in front of you.


For best results today don’t limit yourself to tried and trusted ways of doing things — use your imagination to come up with new ideas and new ways of looking at the world you inhabit. Your mind creates your reality.


Stay on top of your workload today, because if you let things slide you will find it difficult to catch up later. The best way to get things done and still have time to yourself is to delegate more. Trust your co-workers.


Don’t limit yourself to a single location. The more you are on the move today the more likely it is you will learn something to your benefit. Fate is about to introduce you to someone who can transform your existence.


Worry is a useless emotion. Experience has surely taught you by now that something always comes up — and you seem to be one of those people who, no matter how far they fall, always seem to land on their feet.


You must choose between spending more time with your family and more time on your work. Is that really so hard to do? Success in the material world is good, of course, but it means nothing if love is lacking.


Keep what you know to yourself today and don’t be tempted to boast that you have inside information. If your rivals get even a sniff of what you are up to it will weaken your efforts to move up in the world.


Cosmic activity in and around your opposite sign makes it appear as if you are losing control but only because you are trying to hold on to what you no longer need. Let go, and life will be fun again.



You may want to give up on something that is proving more difficult than you anticipated but if you do you will hate yourself for it later. What’s a bit of mental or physical pain when the rewards are so great? Stick it out!


You know that your financial situation demands you make changes but you keep putting them off in the hope that things might get better without any pain. They won’t, so stop prevaricating and get on with it.


Don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked by details and trivia. Focus on essentials, such as getting ahead in your career and making a fortune from your big ideas. Let others take care of the everyday stuff for a change.


The Sun’s transit of the midheaven area of your chart makes you intensely ambitious but you don’t be too eager to make changes. There are all sorts of options open to you now. Take your time and make the right choice.



A little bit of flattery will go a long way over the next few days – and maybe take you with it all the way to the top. Talk up other people and their talents, even if you don’t believe a word of it.


Changing times mean changing attitudes and changing ways of doing things and the Sun’s change of signs symbolizes your need to change the habits of a lifetime. It may, in fact, be dangerous to follow the same set routines.


It might be tempting to walk away from your current situation but you know your sense of responsibility won’t let you do it. Having made a commitment you intend to go all the way, whatever it costs you personally.


Today’s new moon falls in one of the most open and outgoing areas of your chart, so you’ll want to go out and have a good time over the next 24 hours. Aim to make it the best time ever.



Your working routine and your wellbeing will take a turn for the better over the next few days and before you know it life will be fun again. Money problems may remain but you don’t need cash to love, laugh and learn.


It should by now be obvious that you are never going to get along with a certain individual. All you can do is agree to differ and go your separate ways. Live and let live. It’s the ultimate philosophy.


Your feelings for a certain person are deeper than they or anyone else seems to realize but unless you make those feelings plain nothing will come of it. You’ve admired them from afar, now get up close and personal.


Creatively and romantically you have a great deal going for you at the moment, but to make the most of it you need to be a bit more flexible. You don’t need to be suspicious of change — it’s good for you.



Be proud of what you have achieved and don’t let anyone tell you that you should have done more. Some people find it easy to criticize but only because they are not so good at actually getting things done — unlike you.


The more you want something to happen today the more likely it is you will overreach yourself and make a serious mistake. Jupiter’s transit of the career angle of your chart is positive news but keep a sense of perspective.


Make an effort to communicate with someone you desperately want to get back on good terms with. They will appreciate that effort and respond in a way that delights you. Looks like passion is back on the menu!


You seem remarkably ambitious of late and employers and other important people have certainly made a note of your desire to get on in the world. As Mercury, your ruler and planet of communication, is about to move in your favor again a serious offer may not be long in coming.



Today’s full moon in your sign will give you the courage to go your own way, do your own thing and be different from the crowd. If that means you fall out with a friend, well, they weren’t really that much of a friend were they?


You cannot force people to change their beliefs. The more you try the more they will cling to them. But why would you want to change them? The world is actually a better place for its myriad opinions.


You may be friendly and you may like to chat with people you hardly know, but don’t give away information about what you are doing that might be used against you in some way in the future. Keep your own secrets.


If you talk to someone whose ideas you tend not to agree with today you may be surprised to learn that you are not so far apart in your views after all. Keep talking. There is more to discover.



You can expect some rather amazing things to happen today, but they will be even more amazing if you make them happen yourself. Don’t wait for the world to change for the better – the power to change things is in your hands.


As the current full moon cuts across the home and career axis of your chart you will have to find new ways to make room in life for both your domestic responsibilities and vocational aspirations. Give it some thought, then act.


The atmosphere on the home front will be excellent today, not least because you are full of life and laughter and love and your attitude rubs off on other people. Hang on to that feeling for as long as you can.


If you continue to work quietly behind the scenes you will accomplish something that not only brings you a great deal of happiness but impresses some Very Important People too. You’ll soon be going places.



You are who you are for a reason and no one has the right to demand that you be different. Someone may think they have forced you into a corner but they’re mad if they think you will change.


Today’s new moon falls in one of the most open and outgoing areas of your chart, so you’ll want to go out and have a good time over the next 24 hours. Aim to make it the best time ever.


With Mars close to Saturn, planet of authority, a clash with someone in a position of power is more likely than not. But you don’t have to be enemies. Give a little and they will offer to meet you halfway.


If you want to get the most out of the next 24 hours — and the next seven days — you must limit yourself to doing only those things that are truly important. Don’t allow anything to distract you from your number one aim.



Be decisive and dynamic and take full advantage of the new opportunities now coming your way. Everything will work out for the best if you believe in yourself and if you believe that the universe wants you to succeed.


Something you have been struggling with for quite some time come easier today, making you glad you did not give up on it when the going was tough. Your confidence may be a bit fragile at the moment but better days are coming.


The planets urge you to put negative thoughts behind you once and for all and believe that you can make something special of your life. Don’t keep your dreams to yourself — share them with family and friends you can trust.


You don’t have to feel guilty just because you are doing well when those around you appear to be doing badly. You cannot know for sure what their reality is, so trust fate to look after them – and look after yourself.



There is something you must deal with sooner or later but you keep putting it off because it may not be pleasant. Today’s cosmic picture will motivate you to get started. The longer you leave it the worse it will get — so start.


You may not agree with what a loved one is planning to do but you must support them anyway. Point out the pitfalls if you must but don’t stand in their way. Better still, help them make their dream come true.


You must do the right thing today, even if it means you lose out financially. You have a moral obligation to help a friend or colleague who depends on you. A small sacrifice on your part will mean a great deal to them.


Everything that is meant to happen will happen in its own good time, so stop worrying and start enjoying life again. Jupiter in your sign has a tendency to make minor matters look huge but you’re not fooled, are you?



Are you keeping secrets from others, or are others keeping secrets from you? Either way the next few days will bring a certain amount of deception, so be on your guard — and don’t trust what you hear.


Listen to your inner voice and act on what it tells you, even though a dozen other voices say you should be doing the opposite. If you can’t trust yourself then who can you trust? Do what your heart says is right and proper.


If you complain too loud (if you lose) or celebrate too long (if you win) you will annoy people you live with and work alongside. It’s the real you who matters, not whether you came first or last.


What others say and what others mean today are likely to be two entirely different things, so don’t take what you hear at face value. Always check facts and figures for yourself, especially when there is money at stake.



Your imagination is strong and there is a danger that your fears will get out of hand. You of all people should know that worrying about a problem never resolves it. The only way out of your dilemma is to act — fast.


Whatever good things happen over the next 48 hours – and there are sure to be plenty – you will still feel vaguely unsatisfied. Don’t worry: in a matter of days your world will become a happier, sunnier place.


Because Mars in your sign is opposed by the Sun you can expect someone to give you a hard time. You can, if you wish, give them a hard time in return but is it really worth it? Save your energy for something worthwhile.


Something you thought was important is of no weight at all, and something you thought was trivial is actually of major significance. How could you have got it so wrong? Whatever the reason there’s no point beating yourself up about it.