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Passions will be running high over the next 24 hours and there may be times when it all gets a bit too much for you. Those are the times when you need to back off and let things cool down a bit.


Happiness is a state of mind and you will be on top of the world over the next 48 hours. If you get the chance to go some place new with your friends then take it and don’t worry about the time or the cost.


As Mercury, planet of communication, crosses the career angle of your chart today you can make a big impression on employers and authority figures. If you think your talents are being overlooked now is the time to speak up.


You will find it easy to win friends and influence people today and that’s good because the more you get others on your side the less likely it is your rivals will be able to undermine you. It’s about who you know.


Cosmic activity in your opposite sign means you won’t get far on your own, not even with the emotional energy of the full moon behind you. This is one of those times when you need other people more than they need you.


You are under no obligation to continue with a relationship or partnership that has turned into a liability. The Sun’s imminent change of signs means a parting of the ways may be the best, even the only, solution.


You are in danger of getting emotionally worked up about things that are simply not worth the effort. Financial issues are especially touchy at the moment, so put them out of your mind and focus on happier thoughts.


Don’t give up on something just because it is boring or does not seem to be working out the way you had hoped. Be patient and give it a bit more time. According to the planets you’re not far from a breakthrough.


You would love to escape your everyday environment and leave your troubles far behind. So why don’t you? Pack an overnight bag and head off into the wild blue yonder. A bit of short-term escapism is no bad thing.


You need to deal with a family quarrel positively rather than hide your head in the sand and hope that it goes away. If you have had your fill of someone’s constant moaning then it’s time that you said so.


A new moon in the area of your chart that governs friendships and group activities means you will find it easy to inspire those you live and work with to give of their best. You’ll lead by example, of course.


You don’t have to rely on other people: you can go it alone with great success if that’s what you want to do. In fact events are moving so fast at the moment that it’s a wise move to leave slower people behind.


Different people see things in different ways and if you can accept that today you won’t have too many problems, either at home or at work. You may not like what some people believe in but agree to disagree anyway.


You may see things in terms of black and white but not everyone looks at the world the same way. In the greater scheme of things there is no such thing as good guys and bad guys, there are only seekers after truth.


A rival may have more talent than you but you possess something infinitely more important: staying power. Keep doing what you are doing and keep believing it will come right in the end. That end is actually very close.


Passions will be running high over the next 24 hours and there may be times when it all gets a bit too much for you. Those are the times when you need to back off and let things cool down a bit.


Be careful how you talk to people today because if you give offence, even by accident, it could have implications for your status and reputation. Think before you speak — and steer clear of controversial issues.


Everything will turn out for the best, and deep down you know that. So why are you still so anxious? The way to overcome fear is through faith, so have faith in yourself and allow only positive thoughts to influence you.


Pretend that your rivals and enemies do not exist and act as if the world is your friend. You have a natural talent for winning others over with your warmth and sensitivity, but you don’t always make the most of it. Change that from today.


You may not want to hurt a close friend’s feelings but you know that honesty is more important than being nice, so say what needs to be said then be ready with a shoulder to cry on. They’ll thank you for it one day.


You don’t need to do anything special today. Others will provide the entertainment, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the good times. Some people may get a bit emotional but you will be in control at all times.


Venus, planet of material and emotional values, joins forces with luck planet Jupiter in your opposite sign today, making it easy for you to ignore criticism and do what feels right to you.


Talk to other people as if each and every one of them is and always will be the most important person in your life. Ideally, of course, you would treat them this way all the time but it’s not always as easy as it is now.


Just because something is wrong for other people does not mean it is wrong for you. Today’s new moon will encourage you to be more adventurous in your thinking, even if it puts you at odds with the majority. Explore new possibilities.


While everyone else is fretting and fussing over trivial things you will be quietly getting on with what you have to do. Your creative plans are taking shape nicely and it won’t be long before you see real and lasting progress.


Creatively and romantically you have a great deal going for you at the moment, but to make the most of it you need to be a bit more flexible. You don’t need to be suspicious of change — it’s good for you.


The Sun in your opposite sign, backed up by Mars and Pluto,means you have to accept that others have the upper hand at the moment. However, if you play your own hand wisely you can still get what you need.


Your head is telling you one thing and your heart is telling you another and you know there can only be one winner. With Mars, your ruler, close to love planet Venus today feelings will count more than thoughts.


Cosmic activity on and around the midheaven angle of your chart encourages you to be more ambitious. You may not be as assertive as some of your colleagues but creatively you are in a league of your own.


A nagging voice in the back of your head keeps telling you that someone is trying to cheat you. Is it true? Should you be concerned? Maybe, but more likely you are letting your fears get the better of you. Relax. Everything’s fine.


You will go out of your way to break any rule you do not agree with today and, inevitably, it will bring you into conflict with people in positions of authority. But you just don’t care. From now on you make your own rules, and that’s that.


Make an effort to be nice to people you don’t always get along with over the next 48 hours. They may not make much an effort to be nice in return but that is not the point. It’s what you do that matters.


What you need more than anything now is to get together with a group of people who share your tastes, interests and opinions. They are out there waiting for you but you won’t find them by sitting at home.


You will meet someone today who has remarkable ideas, the kind of ideas that can inspire you to accomplish great things. But they themselves don’t look in the least bit remarkable. Keep your eyes and ears open or you may miss them.


Family affairs have been a bit difficult of late, but you will soon get the chance to put things right. Sit down with loved ones and discuss what has gone wrong — and what needs to be done to bring back the good times.


You seem to be under divine protection at the moment, but that is not an invitation to act recklessly. By all means take a few risks but make sure they are risks you can handle. Your fate, as always, is in your own hands.


Sometimes your old-fashioned way of doing things works in your favor and sometimes it works against you, but today it is much more likely to be the former. Others can chase the latest fashion if they want, you’re sticking with the winning formula.


Your confidence will get the kind of boost that makes all things seem possible. Don’t listen to those who say you should be patient and cautious. If you can think it, you can do it — it’s as simple as that.


Anyone who tries to scare you into doing something you don’t want to do will fail abysmally. No matter how terrifying their threats you won’t be bullied and you won’t hesitate to give as good as you get.


Your views may be a touch outrageous in some people’s eyes, but according to the planets they are closer to the truth than what passes for “public opinion.” You know what you are talking about, so talk loudly.


Make sure that your employer and any other important people you have dealings with know who you are and what you can do. You may be quite happy in your present position but you will be happier still with a promotion.


There is a great deal of tension in your life at the moment and with Mars and Pluto both strong today it could reach a peak. The good news is that once that peak is reached you will accomplish something truly remarkable.


Everyone has a talent, something that they are naturally good at, and the planets are urging you to make better use of the gifts you were born with. Creatively there is nothing holding you back now, so fly!


While in one area of your life you are moving ahead in leaps and bounds, in another you are standing still, much to your frustration. Don’t worry. It simply means you are not quite ready for a particular challenge.



You may find it hard to stay in control of your emotions today, but why would you want to? Sometimes it is good just to let it all out, especially if you have been storing up negative feelings. Have a good shout!


Your eagerness to succeed could lead you to show your hand too soon and make it easy for rivals to work out what you are trying to do. Don’t tell anyone, not even friends, what they don’t need to know.


Someone will try to provoke you in the hope that you will disgrace yourself in front of important people. Now that you know that you can consciously control your feelings and pretend you are cool, calm and collected.


Someone you live or work with is under a lot of pressure at the moment. What can you do to lighten their load? You’ll think of something, of course, but don’t get tricked into doing it forever. Set a time limit.



Stand outside yourself and try to see how others perceive you. The view may surprise you. If nothing else you will know why family and friends have been staying out of your way in recent days. Don’t be so touchy!


Keep telling yourself that there is nothing you cannot do in this life and you will go a long way in a short space of time. What would you choose to do if there were no restrictions? Do it right now.


Someone you work with, maybe someone important, is intimidated by your overly aggressive manner, and that could cause problems for you further down the line. You don’t have to be nice to everyone you meet, only the ones who matter.


You will have to deal with someone who sees things from a different perspective today, but that does not mean you cannot get along. Say your piece, then listen to what they have to tell you. You can learn from each other.



It may concern you that someone who can usually be counted on to support you to the hilt is now questioning your actions, but it’s no big deal. Maybe there’s a reason why they are losing faith. Try asking them.


With the Sun and Jupiter working in your favor today you should find it easy to come to terms with difficult situations, especially if you make a point of focusing on the bigger picture. It’s always there.


There is not much point trying to deny that you have made a mess of something because everyone can see the less than impressive results. But just because you failed does not make you a failure. On the contrary, it makes success much more likely next time.


The time to start something new is now, today, this very moment. As Mars, planet of ego and energy, moves through your birth sign you will find it easy to get motivated. Don’t waste this opportunity. Be amazing.



Those who thought they knew you will have to think again as you do something completely unexpected with your life. You are almost ready to spring a huge surprise, but keep your plans secret just a bit longer.


So you failed at something? So what? At least it is evidence that you attempted to do something out of the ordinary. How many people do you know that can claim that for themselves? You’re special. Keep trying.


If you believe in what you are doing then today’s Sun-Pluto link won’t have any effect on you. If, however, there are doubts you will have to confront them before you can move on. Don’t slow down or you’ll get stuck.


Mars in your sign gives you the courage to change direction if you believe that your current course is taking you nowhere. But you don’t HAVE to change. And you certainly don’t have to change to please other people.



You may not much like what you are expected to do today but you are advised to do it anyway. If employers and other important people see you are prepared to do things for them they will more likely do things for you.


Cosmic events in the work and well-being area of your chart urges you to make detailed plans before embarking on anything new. Make sure you research all the pros and cons and do’s and don’ts before starting a new fitness regime.


There are so many new opportunities coming your way at the moment, but you must not take your good fortune for granted. Life has a funny way of tripping us up just when we feel the most confident.


With Pluto, planet of passion, turning direct in the area of your chart that governs affairs of the heart this is the ideal time to let that special person know how you feel about them. Don’t just say it – show it.



The current cosmic picture urges you to slow down and relax for a bit. It would seem you have reached the point where the more effort you put in the less you get back for it, so why run yourself into the ground?


The Sun’s transit of the most creative area of your chart gives you total and utter confidence in your own abilities. Not that you were lacking before but now there will be no holding you back. If you want it, it’s yours!


Make sure you play by the rules today, because if you try to cut corners you are sure to regret it. Those who say you should take more risks are secretly hoping you will do something silly that benefits them at your expense.


Yes, someone is saying bad things about you, but you have no intention of letting it get to you. Those who love and respect you know who you are. As for the rest — you couldn’t care less.



You may be inclined to forgive someone who has let you down – again – but unless you want this to become a regular occurrence you must make it clear that your generosity of spirit stretches only so far.


Your thoughts seem to be turning to how you can make your everyday routine less of a chore. Find ways to get partners and colleagues to shoulder more of the burden. Don’t even think of trying to do everything yourself.


Someone you are close to feels a little bit neglected and you really should do something about it. Find ways to remind them they mean more to you than anyone and anything in the whole wide world.


Don’t worry if you find it hard to get your point across over the next few days. With Neptune, planet of illusion, moving into your opposite sign misunderstandings are more likely than not, but it’s no big deal.



You don’t usually compare yourself to other people, so why start now? If you try to copy the ideas and actions of a friend or colleague you won’t look anything but second best. Just be yourself, and let others copy you.


You may not agree with what a loved one is planning to do but you must support them anyway. Point out the pitfalls if you must but don’t stand in their way. Better still, help them make their dream come true.


Not everyone will have the wit to understand what you are up to, so expect some criticism – and ignore it. Your ego is strong enough to push ahead regardless of what others might say about you. You don’t do doubt.


Others may be annoyed that you are holding onto the purse strings but you know how quickly the money will go if you let them buy what they want. They’ll thank you one day for being sensible. But not today.



You have to make a choice regarding your future and with Mercury moving into your birth sign today there is no doubt at all that you will make the right one. You know what it is you most desire — so take it.


The trend that is dominating your life at the moment is totally positive, so stop worrying and stop trying to change things that don’t need to be changed. Even seemingly negative events will turn out well over the next 24 hours.


You can change something about your life that you no longer enjoy. And you can channel the time and energy you save into more productive activities. But you’ve got to start now. You’ve waited long enough.


There are more than enough good things to go around, so don’t approach every situation as if it is some kind of contest. Both at home and at work you’ll do best if you work with people rather than against them.



Passions will be running high over the next 24 hours and there may be times when it all gets a bit too much for you. Those are the times when you need to back off and let things cool down a bit.


You will be in an unusually forgiving mood today: you cannot be bothered to make an issue of things which, although they may be important to you now, most likely won’t be of interest to you in the future.


You will want to head off into the wide blue yonder today, either on your own or in the company of like-minded friends. Get away from your usual environment for a while. The world is yours to explore and learn from.


Your instincts seem to be telling you that there is bad news on the way but don’t jump to conclusions. Most likely all you will have to do is let go of an unrealistic ambition. After that, it’s good news all the way.



Yes, the clock may be ticking but there is really no urgency about what you have to do. You should know by now that everything that is supposed to happen will happen in its own good time, so don’t worry, or hurry.


You may be in the minority as far as certain viewpoints are concerned but according to the planets you are on the side of the angels, so stop worrying about what others might think and do what you know to be right.


A rival who does not have the guts to challenge you directly will try to undermine your position today. Be on your guard and make sure people in positions of authority know who you are and why you’re the one to trust.


You may want to believe that you can handle a difficult situation on your own but you can’t, so push your pride to one side and get some assistance. Bring problem issues into the open where they can be dealt with.