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Don’t create work for yourself. You have enough on your plate without adding to your responsibilities. Today’s Mars-Neptune link urges you to take things easy, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.


There is something you must deal with sooner or later but you keep putting it off because it may not be pleasant. Today’s cosmic picture will motivate you to get started. The longer you leave it the worse it will get — so start.


Why are you feeling so stressed when there are a thousand and one ways you could be having fun? Maybe you’re in one of those moods when you enjoy wallowing in self-pity. If so, snap out of it. Wallow instead in the wonder of the world.


Don’t worry too much if you find it hard to understand what is going on around you today — on this occasion ignorance is bliss. If you get caught up in other people’s affairs you may not be able to find a way out again.


You may not want to make sacrifices but if you don’t make them willingly now the planets will force them on you later on. Financially you really do need to get your house in order. Find ways to make savings.


There is so much activity in your opposite sign at the moment that it may seem as if you have no control over what is going on. That may or may not be true but you can and you must control yourself. Don’t overreact.


Don’t let anyone tempt you to take the kind of risk you know it would be wiser to avoid. You have nothing to prove, so stick with what you trust — and don’t trust those who say you are boring.


There will be moments over the next few days when you wonder if the effort you put into helping other people is really worth it. Yes it is. It’s always worth it, even if they are ungrateful. Principle comes first.


You don’t have to feel guilty just because you are doing well when those around you appear to be doing badly. You cannot know for sure what their reality is, so trust fate to look after them – and look after yourself.


There are some interesting things going on behind the scenes but you won’t find out what they are, at least not yet. Don’t worry. A few days from now you will understand why you have been kept out of the loop.


You would love to escape your everyday environment and leave your troubles far behind. So why don’t you? Pack an overnight bag and head off into the wild blue yonder. A bit of short-term escapism is no bad thing.


You must choose between spending more time with your family and more time on your work. Is that really so hard to do? Success in the material world is good, of course, but it means nothing if love is lacking.


You may be inclined to forgive someone who has let you down – again – but unless you want this to become a regular occurrence you must make it clear that your generosity of spirit stretches only so far.


The only danger today is that you will allow someone to persuade you to buy something that you cannot really afford. You don’t need to flash the cash to prove your commitment to them — and if they expect you to it’s not a good sign.


You will meet someone today who has remarkable ideas, the kind of ideas that can inspire you to accomplish great things. But they themselves don’t look in the least bit remarkable. Keep your eyes and ears open or you may miss them.


The most important thing now is that you keep the momentum you have built up going. Follow through on what you have started and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by petty people and meaningless events.


If you need to make changes on the home front, now is the time. In fact, if you don’t make changes soon something will force you to change, so you might as well guide events in the direction you want them to go.


If you want something enough you will find a way to get it but watch out it does not cost you considerably more than you expected. Your cautious reputation may not be entirely true but a little frugality will favor you today.


Your fears and anxieties seem to be getting a bit out of hand, so you need to remind yourself today of who you are and what it is you want to do with your life. Clarity of purpose will banish your doubts.


Your ability to trust has been damaged because someone you are close to emotionally let you down in some way. But it’s no big deal. As from today you will be less inclined to judge them. Like you, they are human.


Be careful you don’t let slip information that is not yours to divulge. If you do it is unlikely that a friend will ever trust you again. Gossip can be fun but it can also be damaging, even dangerous at times.


You see things in such a clear and logical way, so why can’t other people? Whatever the reason the fact remains that you will have to spend time explaining to them what is going on. Use language they can understand.


If you face a choice between making your own life more comfortable and helping a friend or family member get their affairs sorted today you would be wise to choose the latter option.


Lady Luck is on your side at the moment and you would be a fool not to take advantage. If someone points out the possibilities of a new venture you should give it some serious thought — because there is serious money to be made.


It’s not like you to worry about issues that you have no way of controlling, so snap out of the funk you have fallen into and get your mood back up there in the clouds. Life is supposed to be fun – remember?


What happens today may take you by surprise but if you think about it you will realize you have been through similar situations on numerous previous occasions, so why worry? There is nothing new under the sun.


You need to do a bit of serious thinking about a partnership or association that has been quite profitable in the past but seems to be running out of steam. In a nutshell: it’s holding you back. Time to move on.


You’re rather sensitive at the moment and may take too negative a view of events over the next few days. Never doubt that you are loved. Never doubt that you are on the side of the angels. You’re one of life’s good guys


Look out for your own interests today. The planets warn if you spend too long worrying about other people it could cost you dearly, and not only financially. Remember, too, to always read the small print.


You may have been a bit too generous of late and need to rein in your more extravagant tendencies, at least for a while. Will those who benefited from your largesse help you in your hour of need? Don’t count on it.


It is of the utmost importance that you are honest with people today, even to the extent of admitting to your failings. No one expects you to be perfect — in fact they like you just as you are.


You need to decide what you want more of – and what you want less of. The two are, of course, closely connected, in that you will attract more of the former by getting rid of most of the latter.


You will have to make sacrifices if you are going to turn your dreams into realities. At least the Sun’s transit of the financial sector of your chart means you won’t have to worry about money — too much.


The Sun is about to cross the career angle of your chart, giving your ambitions a much-needed boost. Don’t take the support of powerful people for granted though. You may not be as fireproof as you seem to believe.


Cosmic activity in the most productive area of your chart gives you the drive and the determination you need to do something out of the ordinary.Don’t follow other people —follow your dream wherever it leads you.


There is a suspicious side to your nature that will be much in evidence today. You may think you have good reason to believe that some individuals are up to no good but don’t make a song and dance about it. You could be wrong you know.


Everything happens for a reason, so don’t waste time wondering why a certain situation worked out the way it did, just make the best of it and keep moving forwards. One day you’ll look back and understand what it was all about.


Only make changes that are absolutely necessary. Things are moving so fast at the moment that any changes you make, either in your private life or in your work, are likely to be out of date in a matter of days.


You seem to believe that time is running out, that if you don’t move quickly you will miss out. But time never runs out. You will always get another chance. Don’t put pressure on yourself unnecessarily.


Go out of your way to thank someone who did you a favor recently. Your act of appreciation will make a big impression, not just on them but on other people too. More favors will be forthcoming.


You may think that someone is behaving badly, and maybe they are, but it is not your job to point it out to them. You can, though, help them up off the floor after their ego has taken a fall today.


A few days from now you will get the chance to do something a bit different, a bit out of the ordinary. In the meantime, treat yourself kindly and don’t get involved with people who only ever waste your time and energy.


You may be tempted to invest in something you don’t know much about but when you start thinking like that you are likely to make a costly mistake. According to the planets a bubble is about to burst. Don’t be one of those who get caught out.


Someone is trying to sow seeds of doubt in your mind and if they succeed your dream will never come true. Ignore advice that sounds negative and keep acting as if you are destined to win. As you think, so it will be.



You won’t be in the most forgiving of moods today, especially if you are still annoyed with someone who has betrayed you. Be careful you don’t let your anger disrupt relationships that are still perfectly okay.


It’s possible that you will make some kind of mistake today, but don’t stop to work out where you went wrong. The important thing is that you keep your momentum going. You’ll soon get a chance to make amends.


Try not to let your emotions get the better of you today, especially on the home front where a loved one’s actions may annoy you intensely. Pretend you don’t care what they do, even though you care very much indeed.


Others may pour cold water on your aims but only because they are jealous that you are so ambitious and fear that you will eclipse them with your talent — and they’re right, you will. Ignore them and follow what your heart tells you.



In a matter of days the world will look a sunnier place. In reality, of course, it will be much the same as it was before but as your attitude improves so the interpretation you put on events will be more positive.


The Sun’s transit of the financial area of your chart means you have to get serious about your cash flow situation. You can still have fun but it must be the kind of fun that does not cost you an arm and a leg.


Don’t take chances with money and don’t let others take chances for you. Some people may complain that you never take risks but why should you when you are happy with what you have got?


Venus, planet of harmony, in your opposite sign will help you get along with colleagues and employers today. For once they don’t seem to see you as pushy or overly concerned with getting results, making working together a pleasure.



Once again you are paying too much attention to what others are saying and not enough to what your heart is telling you. You don’t need advice or assistance, you just need to listen to and act on your instincts. It shouldn’t be too hard.


You rarely feel the need to apologize but the planets warn it would be sensible to say sorry if you know you have done something wrong. Whether or not you truly mean it is beside the point – just say the words.


What happens today may take you by surprise but if you think about it you will realize you have been through similar situations on numerous previous occasions, so why worry? There is nothing new under the sun.


You may have to make a sacrifice or two today but it will be worth it. Do what others expect of you and, if possible, with a smile on your face. Make life easy for others but most of all for yourself.



You really don’t care what other people think but even so it might be wise to listen to their criticisms today. If nothing else it will give you an insight into their plans – thereby putting you at an advantage.


As Mercury crosses the career angle of your chart today you won’t find it hard to impress employers and others in positions of power. Make all the promises you like – but make sure you can deliver on them.


The best way to deal with a difficult situation is to pretend it does not exist. That may sound negative but this is one of those occasions when, by focusing on something, you give it power. Look in another direction.


Follow your instincts today, even if it puts you at odds with everyone else. You have never been the sort to worry about what the world thinks of you and there is no good reason why you should start now. Trust your gut feelings.



There is no point arguing with people who refuse to see sense. It may be tempting to show them up with your superior knowledge but why bother? Put your time and your energy to good use today — and let others do as they please.


Others may be happy to talk around a problem but you don’t have the patience: you will call it as you see it today and if certain people don’t like it that’s just too bad. And when you’ve finished talking — act!


Your family may mean everything to you but you don’t have to put them first all the time. If you devote all your energy to domestic issues today you will soon become irritable, so do only what makes you feel good.


You have been wasting too much time and too much energy on things of no importance. The Sun’s change of signs today will help you find ways to streamline your chores, leaving more time for the fun things in life.



Your instincts seem to be telling you that there is bad news on the way but don’t jump to conclusions. Most likely all you will have to do is let go of an unrealistic ambition. After that, it’s good news all the way.


Too many of the people you have dealings with today will talk and talk some more without actually telling you much of what you need to know. In which case you might as well plug in your ear phones and blank out their chatter.


Something you think is important is in fact trivial and the sooner you realize that fact the better off you will be. On a more mundane note, be careful today when making decisions about money and business issues.


If you have any skeletons in your closet, no matter how minor they might be, you must have a plan for when they become public knowledge. You know it will happen sooner or later so start thinking now about how to protect your reputation.



It should by now be obvious that certain methods and routines are no longer relevant to the way you want to live your life. Some time soon you will have to make major changes. Why not make them today?


You seem to be asking yourself a lot of serious questions of late, but are you getting any intelligent answers? If not maybe you should loosen up a bit and not take life so seriously – then the answers will come.


There is no point making a fuss about something you don’t have the power to change. Besides, if your rivals see that it’s annoying you they will go all out to do it even more. It’s no big deal. Put it out of your head.


A remark you make as a bit of a joke will be taken seriously by someone in a position of power, and that could spell trouble. The moment you realize they are less than amused you must assure them it was meant in jest.



A financial disagreement has the potential to cause a rift that may be hard to mend, but you must not back down. The other party believes you cannot be bothered to make an issue of it. Prove them wrong.


Avoid negative thinking at all costs today. If you allow yourself to dwell on the worst that might happen you increase the chances of it coming about. A positive attitude is an absolute must, as is complete faith in yourself.


You may not see the point of what you are being asked to do but do it anyway. If you knuckle down and make an early start on it the task will be finished it by lunchtime — and the rest of the day is your own.


You cannot force people to change their beliefs. The more you try the more they will cling to them. But why would you want to change them? The world is actually a better place for its myriad opinions.



Don’t try to impose your beliefs on other people today because they simply won’t listen. And why should they? They’ve got their own views after all. It takes many shades of opinion to make such an interesting world.


You don’t have to rush in all directions at once. You don’t have to do it all for friends and family. Slow down, calm down and focus on one thing only today. And make it something YOU want to do for a change.


Look out for your own interests today. The planets warn if you spend too long worrying about other people it could cost you dearly, and not only financially. Remember, too, to always read the small print.


Everyone knows you are smart — you don’t have to prove it. You may feel the urge to show off a bit today but there is a danger you could go too far and end up looking silly. Think before you speak before you act.



The more others say you should be respectful of people in positions of power the more you will go out of your way to show you are a free individual and you bow to no one’s authority. Good for you (and good luck!).


You feel you deserve more than you are currently getting, and no doubt you are right, but it won’t just happen as if by magic. What can you do to improve your situation today? Think about it – then do it.


The urge to start something new is extra strong at the moment but because Venus, planet of emotional and material values, is moving retrograde you must make sure you’ll be able to finish what you begin. If in doubt, skip it.


Today’s cosmic picture warns you could be misled by people who know how to push your emotional buttons. The more others try to tell you what it is that you need the more you should strive to do the opposite.



Uranus, your ruler, is on fine form today, so be true to your sign and do something out of the ordinary — the kind of thing no one would expect. Career-wise and money-wise you could hit the big time if you think and act fast.


You have invested a lot of time and energy in matters of a financial or material nature, but now you must move on and see your life from a wider perspective. There are many types of wealth — it’s not all about money.


The current cosmic picture urges you to slow down and relax for a bit. It would seem you have reached the point where the more effort you put in the less you get back for it, so why run yourself into the ground?


You may believe that you have worked out what makes someone tick but more likely you have just uncovered another layer of a complicated personality. Beneath that there are more layers still. Face it: they’re an enigma.