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Do what you feel like doing and ignore those who say you are being selfish. Maybe you are, but too many times in the past you have put other people first and regretted it. Maybe it’s time to balance the books.


The more you want to do things one way the more friends and relatives want to do things another way. Just this once, let them win. The planets suggest that you won’t lose out by allowing them to call the shots for a change.


The giant planet Jupiter is giving you some big ideas but how will those ideas translate into practice? That is the question you must answer today, and when you have answered it then you must act. Don’t think too long.


Life moves in cycles and the cycle you are now in the middle of is positive in the extreme. Having said that, with values planet Venus moving retrograde you cannot afford to take anything for granted. Enjoy life but be sensible too.


Does it seem as if everyone is conspiring against you? If so you need to stop worrying and start acting as if the whole world wants you to succeed — because it does. You’re being negative for no good reason.


If you think of yourself as separate from other people then, inevitably, that is the reality you will create for yourself. You need to remind yourself today that you are part of a greater whole. You are never truly alone.


Someone in a position of power will give you a hard time but you will find it easy to ignore them. The Sun’s entry into the most dynamic area of your chart means you have more interesting, and more positive, matters to deal with.


You are entitled to feel pleased with what you have accomplished, but don’t just sit back and do nothing more. Mercury, your ruler, offers even greater rewards if you make an effort to keep the momentum going. Why stop now?


You seem to believe that time is running out, that if you don’t move quickly you will miss out. But time never runs out. You will always get another chance. Don’t put pressure on yourself unnecessarily.


If you made a promise to an employer or somebody else who occupies a position of power you will be expected to keep it today. Don’t even think of trying to back out. You can’t say one thing then do another.


Your daily routine is making too many demands on your time and your energy and you need to find ways to break this negative cycle. With the changes you make today likely to become permanent make sure you only get rid of things you genuinely don’t need.


Today you can and you should make a good impression on those who can influence the future course of your career. Employers and other important people are watching you closely, so raise your game.


You will get what you want today but you will also have to pay a high price for it. Saturn, planet of success but also of limitation, will reward you for all your hard work — then demand that you work even harder.


A new moon in the financial area of your chart means you will get what you deserve, nothing more and nothing less. It’s not all about money, of course, but it’s a pretty good way of measuring how successful you’ve been.


Even if you don’t have the faintest idea what is going on around you at the moment act as if you have seen it all before. Create the illusion that you are in control. It’s remarkable how easily most people are fooled.


You must stay true to your feelings and beliefs. The more others try to persuade you to change the way you look at the world the more certain you can be that your way is right. Only change when you want to change.


Partnerships of all kinds should be easier to handle now. No matter how many arguments you’ve had with friends and relatives you will at last find some common ground. That applies to work relationships too. You’re on the same side.


Are you doing something useful with your life? No doubt you are but you also know there is more you could and should be doing. So get serious about it. Join with people who share your concerns and change the world for the better.


If someone asks for your opinion today you must be honest, even if what you have to tell them is not what they were hoping to hear. Anyway, they should know by now you are not the sort to pull your punches.


Why are you trying so hard to convince people that your ideas are best? Maybe they are but you don’t need to convert those who disagree with you. If your ideas are meaningful others will follow when they are ready.


Cosmic activity in the domestic area of your chart means you’ll have to tread carefully when dealing with loved ones. Some of them may be super touchy at the moment, so if you value your serenity watch what you say.


Recent events, either in your private life or at work, have pointed you in a new direction and introduced you to people who can help bring meaning and purpose to your existence. Ultimately though it’s up to you.


Not everyone will have the wit to understand what you are up to, so expect some criticism – and ignore it. Your ego is strong enough to push ahead regardless of what others might say about you. You don’t do doubt.


Today’s Sun-Neptune aspect could make you rather irritable, especially if you have to deal with people who tend to let their emotions get in the way of common sense. Don’t come down to their level. Stay calm.


What you see today won’t necessarily be what you get. In fact, you should be on your guard as tricksters of one kind or another are on the prowl. For the moment, at least, it may pay you to be suspicious.


If you lose your temper today you will go all the way and give some unfortunate soul your very personal equivalent of hell. No doubt they deserve it but, once your initial rage is over, make an effort to be friends again.


If someone confronts you with evidence of wrongdoing don’t try to wriggle out of it. Admit that you are to blame and accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions. With luck, your honesty will disarm your critics.


Once again you are paying too much attention to what others are saying and not enough to what your heart is telling you. You don’t need advice or assistance, you just need to listen to and act on your instincts. It shouldn’t be too hard.


You should be looking at ways you can improve your quality of life, ways that depend on what you choose to do in the world rather than what the world does to you. Don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen.


If you sit on the fence and refuse to take sides in some kind of disagreement you will forfeit your reputation as someone who believes in the truth. You may not want to make waves but circumstances leave you very little choice.


Now is the time to get serious about your career. You may think you are serious about it already but the planets indicate there is a lot more you could be doing. Take advantage of opportunities before they leave you behind.


You may be a stickler for the rules but today you are advised to take whatever shortcuts you can to get from where you are to where you need to be. Ultimately, the only rules that matter are the ones you invent.


You may find it hard to take someone seriously today but you must take what they tell you seriously. Why? Because they know things that you need to know too. The message matters more than the messenger.


Your instincts will help you do just the right thing at just the right time in just the right way over the next 48 hours. You don’t need other people’s advice on the actions you should be taking, you need to listen to your inner voice.


No doubt you have been running around doing good deeds for other people, but what have you done for yourself? It’s good that you are such a giving person but you’re allowed to take as well you know. Try it today.


Be confident enough to follow your own path through life, even if it is a path many people might disapprove of. You don’t have to follow the herd. You don’t have to be like everyone else. Be yourself today.


You may have encountered opposition on the work front from your employer or a senior colleague but today’s Mercury-Venus link will help you win them round. Just don’t promise more than you know you can deliver.


Focus only on activities that will take you closer to your long-term goal of financial security — anything else must be rejected. That goes for people too: you don’t have time to mess about with affairs that are likely to go nowhere.


Once again you are paying too much attention to what others are saying and not enough to what your heart is telling you. You don’t need advice or assistance, you just need to listen to and act on your instincts. It shouldn’t be too hard.


Mars in your sign makes it easy for you to defend your interests, but you will also find it easy to go too far and say and do things you might later regret. Not everyone should be treated as an enemy.


You must have faith in yourself today, otherwise you are unlikely to make any headway in your attempts to be accepted into a social group you have admired from afar for so long. Find ways to inspire yourself.


This is a frustrating time for you but don’t despair because an upturn in your fortunes will be evident in a matter of days. Your number one priority for the next 24 hours is not to start something new but to tie up all those annoying loose ends.


Someone you have feelings for is clearly upset but you cannot for the life of you work out what it is you have done wrong. Maybe it’s not what you did but what you didn’t do? Think about it, then make appropriate amends.


You are more affectionate than some people give you credit for and at some stage today you will release those feelings that you have kept hidden deep down inside. It won’t be embarrassing. In fact it will be rather nice.



There will be moments over the next few days when you wonder if the effort you put into helping other people is really worth it. Yes it is. It’s always worth it, even if they are ungrateful. Principle comes first.


Mercury, your ruler and planet of the mind, moves back into your birth sign today, helping you to make sense of things that too often seem random or meaningless. Look for patterns and you will surely find them.


Make a serious effort to resolve any differences of opinion you may have with work colleagues. Not only will it make life easier for you on a day-to-day basis but it could also have some very welcome financial results.


As the Sun is now moving through the most sensitive area of you chart you must focus on what goes on inside you rather than what goes on in the world at large. Change yourself and everything else will change too.



You are under no obligation to continue with a relationship or partnership that has turned into a liability. The Sun’s imminent change of signs means a parting of the ways may be the best, even the only, solution.


You will rise to the challenges that the day brings your way and do your reputation no harm at all. You never know what you can do until you try, so try your best and you will surprise everyone, including yourself.


You may be feeling a bit shell-shocked at the moment as you come to terms with the changes and upheavals of the past few days. The best way to get your act together is to focus on what brings a smile to your face. Let good thoughts chase out bad.


You are struggling with some momentous questions about life and its meaning. No change there then. Don’t worry that you never seem able to come up with an ultimate answer. Maybe the ultimate answer doesn’t exist.



You’re a rebel by nature, and with Mars linked to disruptive Uranus today you will be even more inclined to rock the boat than usual. Don’t rock it so hard though that you risk falling out yourself. Where’s the fun in that?


You may be tempted to invest in something you don’t know much about but when you start thinking like that you are likely to make a costly mistake. According to the planets a bubble is about to burst. Don’t be one of those who get caught out.


Be ready to put other people’s needs ahead of your own today, even if it means you run the risk of missing out on something you were looking forward to. Your sacrifice will not be in vain.


Are the conclusions you have reached about a certain situation your own conclusions, or are they ideas you have picked up from other people or from the media? Think for yourself today. Face facts and draw your own conclusions.



No matter who you manage to shock or offend today no one will be able to deny that you are speaking the truth as you see it. It’s unlikely also that anyone will have the guts to ask you to keep quiet!


Make sure that what someone is trying to get you interested in is worth the investment of time and energy you will be required to make. Do a careful cost-benefit analysis and only get involved if it’s in your interests to do so.


You won’t lack for opinions today, and that’s good, but make sure everything you say is based on fact, not hearsay or wishful thinking. It won’t do your reputation much good if you are caught out by someone who is your intellectual inferior.


Mercury, your ruler and planet of the mind, moves back into your birth sign today, helping you to make sense of things that too often seem random or meaningless. Look for patterns and you will surely find them.



Mars in your sign makes you hugely ambitious but watch out you don’t overestimate your abilities and make a silly mistake. The approaching eclipse may play havoc with your ability to tell fantasy from reality.


The planets warn in no uncertain terms that someone, somewhere is aiming to get rich at your expense, but it will only happen if you let it happen. Be on your guard today, and hold on to your money.


Forget about personal issues today and focus on your material situation. Are you earning enough money? Are you happy with what you possess? If not it may be time for a change of direction. What can you do to kick-start your career?


You must not give other people the impression that you can be easily influenced or manipulated. You may want a quiet life but that does not mean you can just give in on every issue. Make a stand today.



The Sun’s transit of the midheaven area of your chart makes you intensely ambitious but you don’t be too eager to make changes. There are all sorts of options open to you now. Take your time and make the right choice.


It may seem to others that you are being selfish because you want your own way all the time, and maybe you are, but why should you settle for anything less? Be who you are and do what you feel is right.


This is the ideal time to look seriously at what you expect from life and whether you are likely to get it if you continue to follow the path you are on. If you want answers you must ask the right questions.


Even if the news you are confronted with today is bad you are tough enough and smart enough to deal with it. You are also inventive enough to find ways to turn a raw deal into a nice little earner.



You don’t usually pay attention to conspiracy theories but what happens over the next few days will make you wonder if maybe there is something going on, something you should know about. It won’t hurt to investigate.


You worry too much and it is leaving you precious little time to enjoy the good things in your life, of which there are plenty. Read a book about successful people or listen to music that inspires you — then conquer the world.


It may be easy to find fault with people but you are advised to give partners and colleagues and loved ones the benefit of the doubt. The choice, as always, is between encouragement and condemnation. You know which is right.


Something you see or hear today will go a long way towards restoring your faith in human nature. It seems there are still some nice people in the world. Actually there are billions of them, only you’ve been too angry to see it.



Everything seems to be falling into place at the moment, but there is a danger you could spoil things by focusing on minor failures and not allowing yourself to enjoy your bigger successes. Try not to be too self-critical.


Just because the people you work with have decided to greet the day with a frown does not mean you have to do likewise. Keep a smile on your lips and a song in your heart and everything will go well for you.


If you sit on the fence and refuse to take sides in some kind of disagreement you will forfeit your reputation as someone who believes in the truth. You may not want to make waves but circumstances leave you very little choice.


So many of the things you have been worrying about mean nothing in the greater scheme of things, so promise yourself now, this very minute, that they will no longer be allowed to control you. And mean it.



Don’t waste time worrying that what you are planning may not be possible, just get on and do it and before you know it you’ll be flying. Today’s Sun-Pluto union means there is precious little you cannot do — and so many remarkable things you can.


If you ask the same old questions you will, inevitably, get the same old answers. You need to adopt a more adventurous approach today. You need, most of all, to follow your dream. Don’t even think of failure.


Because you are so full of yourself at the moment you could say something thoughtless and hurt someone emotionally. If it happens you can lessen the damage by immediately saying sorry. Better still, keep your mouth shut.


The current cosmic climate is good for your health, making this the ideal time to start a new fitness regime or go on a diet. But don’t overdo it. Start slow and build up over time — that way you’re more likely to stick with it.



You will be in an unusually forgiving mood today: you cannot be bothered to make an issue of things which, although they may be important to you now, most likely won’t be of interest to you in the future.


You should know by now that letting others in on what you are thinking is not always a good idea. Some things are best kept to yourself, and today’s cosmic picture urges you not to give away info your rivals might one day use against you.


Don’t involve yourself in someone else’s private affairs unless you are expressly asked to do so. Even if you think you can be of assistance your efforts will not be welcome. Keep your distance, for now.


If you have not yet been enticed by a new hobby or interest it is just a matter of time. Cosmic activity in fun areas of your chart means you are on the lookout for new thrills — and you’ll find plenty.



Wherever you go and whatever you do over the next 24 hours make sure you have a pen and paper by your side at all times. Ideas will come to you when you least expect it. Write them down or they may be lost.


You are worrying about things that could go wrong but most likely won’t. The trouble with worrying is that it tends to be self-fulfilling – it sends out negative vibrations that attract negative events. Fear is a luxury you cannot afford.


It’s not like you to fear something you don’t understand but that seems to be the case at the moment. How do you overcome it? By finding out as much about it as you possibly can. Knowledge lets in the light.


Get out of the house or the office and do something that makes you feel alive. Once you are on the move your mood will change for the better and your luck will change as well. Your destiny is always in your own hands.