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Do you tell a friend what they need to hear, or what they want to hear? It’s got to be the former, even though they may dislike what you say and dislike you for saying it. They’ll thank you one day.


You cannot expect to control each and every situation in life and if you do then disappointment is inevitable. Use your brain to identify those areas where your actions can make a difference – and focus exclusively on them.


Keep what you know to yourself today and don’t be tempted to boast that you have inside information. If your rivals get even a sniff of what you are up to it will weaken your efforts to move up in the world.


Something you thought was important is of no weight at all, and something you thought was trivial is actually of major significance. How could you have got it so wrong? Whatever the reason there’s no point beating yourself up about it.


If you work with other people today you will achieve something special. If you work against them you won’t get anywhere. It’s that simple. You don’t have to hog all the glory for yourself. There’s plenty to go around.


Don’t dwell on the past today or you could miss out on a wonderful future. A new opportunity is about to come your way but it won’t be available for long, so be ready and act fast when it arrives.


Before you open your mouth and give your opinion on one of the burning issues of the day stop for a moment and think what the consequences might be. You may be entirely correct but try not to be quite so confrontational about it.


Put loved ones first today. Whatever it is that you desire can easily be put off to a later date, but what they want has to be dealt with now, and the simple fact is they can’t do it without you.


Your timing seems to be off at the moment but don’t worry because everything will come right in the end. Today’s Mars-Saturn link warns that the harder you try to change things the worse they will get, so don’t try.


Do you lack ambition? Of course not, but that does not mean you have to work 16 hours a day to get ahead in the world. You’ve heard the phrase “Work smarter, not harder.” Apply that philosophy to what you do today.


A plan of some kind may come unstuck but don’t blame it on those around you. As Mercury, planet of communication and the mind, begins its retrograde phase setbacks of one kind or another are to be expected. Don’t sweat it.


Ignore those who say that if you don’t do something immediately disaster will be the inevitable result. On the contrary, the longer you leave it the more successful it will be. Take your time and get it right.


Be a catalyst for change. Be the one who speaks up when others are too scared to make their thoughts and feelings known. Don’t worry that you might provoke a negative response – it’s better than no response.


What occurs over the next 24 hours will remind you that subtlety is a more powerful force than brute strength. If there is something you want, find a way to get it without treading (too hard!) on other people’s toes.


If you have fallen out with someone recently now is the time to make the right noises and let them know you want to stay friends. That applies to professional relationships as well.


The only danger today is that you will allow someone to persuade you to buy something that you cannot really afford. You don’t need to flash the cash to prove your commitment to them — and if they expect you to it’s not a good sign.


Cosmic activity in one of the more sensitive areas of your chart means you will keep a low profile over the next few days. That’s okay, it’s good to get off the radar once in a while. Let people realize how much they miss you.


You may have an overwhelming urge to get away from your everyday environment but because you have duties to perform that might not be possible today. But you can make plans. And don’t ever stop dreaming.


Listen to your instincts and do what they tell you, even if it puts you at odds with people you work with. Best of all, do something a bit outrageous – it will get you talked about, which is no bad thing.


Everything should be going well for you now and if it isn’t then it can only be a matter of time. Mars in your sign will help clarify your objectives and give you the self-belief you need to follow your dreams.


Partners and loved ones may be critical of what you are doing but if you are smart you will listen to what they say today because in among all the wrong-headed comments is one that has a grain of truth in it.


Have you taken on too much? Should you tone down your plans? No and No again are the answers to those two questions. You are doing exactly the right thing in exactly the right way at exactly the right time. Keep on doing it.


The only reason a colleague is trying to put the spotlight on your errors, such as they are, is because they don’t want others to see their own glaring mistakes. You don’t have to be the fall guy. Stand up for yourself!


Uranus, your ruler, moves into one of the more positive areas of the sky for you today and it won’t be long before you feel the benefits. Make a conscious decision to let go of the past. You no longer need it.


You will find it difficult to keep your nose out of what’s going on around you. The Sun’s transit of one of the more inquisitive angles of your chart makes you question everything you see and hear. Avoid gossip.


This is not really the best time to be looking a long way ahead. You should be looking at what is in front of you right now — because your next step is the one that matters. The future will take care of itself.


There is something you really want, something you desire more than anything else, but up until now you have been unable to get it. The approaching eclipse could change things dramatically, but there will be consequences too.


Your working routine and your wellbeing will take a turn for the better over the next few days and before you know it life will be fun again. Money problems may remain but you don’t need cash to love, laugh and learn.


There is no such thing as chance: everything happens for a reason, and your task today is to reason why you have been denied access to something you desire. Could it be because it might turn out to be bad for you?


If you need to approach a loved one or family member for assistance do so now, this very minute. There is every chance of getting what you ask for, and an even better chance that it will bring you closer together.


Today’s cosmic picture promises a surprise of some sort, and while there is nothing to fear it might be wise to stay on good terms with family and friends. Besides, good times are better when you choose to share.


Cosmic activity in the money sector of your chart will help you convince those whose financial help you may need that your cause is deserving. Remember though that loans don’t come for free. Can you afford the repayments?


A Mercury-Saturn union in your sign means you can see things as they are rather than as you wish them to be. If you have in any way been deceiving yourself as to the true nature of your situation the scales will fall from your eyes today.


It seems you can do no wrong at the moment. It seems that everything you touch works out better than anyone expected. By all means bask in the glory of your achievements, but don’t slack. Keep the momentum going.


You seem to have withdrawn into your shell a bit of late, which is understandable as the Sun is transiting the most sensitive area of your chart. But don’t withdraw so far that the world forgets you exist. You’ve still got plenty to offer.


You may not much like what you are expected to do today but you are advised to do it anyway. If employers and other important people see you are prepared to do things for them they will more likely do things for you.


You are reading too much into a situation that is really quite simple in nature. Yes, it may be the case that someone is trying to deceive you, but it’s no big deal — and you really should have seen it coming.


The arrival of mind planet Mercury in the well-being sector of your chart urges you to get serious about how you use your time and energy. You may have big responsibilities but that does not mean you cannot delegate some of them.


It’s not like you to get emotionally worked up but with your ruler Mars at odds with unpredictable Uranus today something or someone will get you raging. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe you need to let off some steam.


As the current full moon cuts across the home and career axis of your chart you will have to find new ways to make room in life for both your domestic responsibilities and vocational aspirations. Give it some thought, then act.


You know what you want to do, so get on and do it, Yes, most likely someone you live or work with will give you a hard time but you are tough enough to take it. Don’t let their negativity discourage you.


There is something you need to get off your chest, something you have kept bottled up inside you for far too long. Don’t let pride stop you from opening your heart and showing your vulnerable side.


At some stage today you will begin to wonder if you have bitten off more than you can chew. It’s quite possible you have but it’s also too late to do anything about it. You’ll just have to chew faster and hope you don’t choke!


As Mercury, your ruler, crosses the midheaven angle of your chart you must keep your eyes and ears open for new work-related opportunities. Everything is in a state of flux at the moment – and that’s good news if you’re ambitious.



Not only is there a new moon in your sign today but Mercury, planet of the mind, moves into your sign as well. That suggests you know exactly what you should be doing and exactly how it must be done. So do it.


You can and you must make your mark. You can and you must do more with your talents. For too long you have been content to get by as best you can, but that is no longer an option. Get serious.


The pen is mightier than the sword. True or false? It will certainly be true today as communications planet Mercury moves into the most dynamic area of your chart. Reach out and make contact. Broadcast your vision to the world.


This is potentially a good time for money matters and business issues, so keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to act when opportunity comes knocking. You deserve some of the good things in life — in fact you deserve a lot.



The Sun’s move into the financial sector of your chart means it’s time to get serious about your cash flow situation. The simple fact is you have been spending far more than you can afford. Time to cut back a bit.


You need to do something about a friendship that is going rapidly downhill. Be honest about why you have fallen out and accept that you are probably as much to blame as they are. You’re still good for each other.


There is no such thing as a free lunch and anyone who tells you a different story is not to be trusted. You can afford to be generous but you cannot afford to be stupid. There’s more than just money at stake.


Suddenly you feel good about life again, but that is not an excuse to go on a binge or a spending spree. Conserve your time and your money until you find something worth spending them on. It won’t be long.



Money matters are likely to be a source of some dispute today and if a friend or work colleague asks for a loan you would be wise to say you are short of cash yourself. If not, you most likely soon will be.


There is something you must deal with sooner or later but you keep putting it off because it may not be pleasant. Today’s cosmic picture will motivate you to get started. The longer you leave it the worse it will get — so start.


There’s a lot of pressure on you at the moment but you are not the sort to crack easily. Whatever stressful situation you may find yourself in you know you’ve been there before — and you’re still here now, so it can’t be that bad.


There will be times today when you wonder if you can believe what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears. But, yes, it’s true: some people are behaving so badly you really must have nothing to do with them.



Your analytical nature, plus your way with words, can lead to some pretty sharp observations and you won’t hesitate to call it as you see it today. But try not to be critical for the sake of it. If you are, you could lose a friend.


You may be upset that something did not work out the way you wanted it to but over the next few days you will realize it was for the best. New opportunities will arise – they always do – so be ready for them.


The best way to deal with people who take themselves too seriously is to laugh at them. Not to their faces, perhaps, but certainly behind their backs. If they act like fools they should be treated like fools.


You may have to change your plans at the last moment today and you won’t be too happy about it, but the good news is the change will work in your favor. Ultimately all change is good but some change works faster than others.



It is of the utmost importance that you are honest with people today, even to the extent of admitting to your failings. No one expects you to be perfect — in fact they like you just as you are.


Today’s Sun-Neptune aspect could make you rather irritable, especially if you have to deal with people who tend to let their emotions get in the way of common sense. Don’t come down to their level. Stay calm.


What happens today may take you by surprise but if you think about it you will realize you have been through similar situations on numerous previous occasions, so why worry? There is nothing new under the sun.


Any worries you have about an affair of the heart will be laid to rest over the next 48 hours. The fact is you have never been more loved. No one is out to get you but many would like to get closer to you.



You may have to change your plans at the last moment today and you won’t be too happy about it, but the good news is the change will work in your favor. Ultimately all change is good but some change works faster than others.


As Mercury, your ruler, crosses the midheaven angle of your chart you must keep your eyes and ears open for new work-related opportunities. Everything is in a state of flux at the moment – and that’s good news if you’re ambitious.


You must not give other people the impression that you can be easily influenced or manipulated. You may want a quiet life but that does not mean you can just give in on every issue. Make a stand today.


Are you keeping secrets from others, or are others keeping secrets from you? Either way the next few days will bring a certain amount of deception, so be on your guard — and don’t trust what you hear.



An issue that has been causing you problems is about to improve, although it may take a few days to get sorted. Don’t try to hang on to things that are being taken away from you – you’re better off without them.


It’s good that you are the forgiving sort but don’t go too far and forgive people for crimes they should really be punished for or you will get a reputation as an easy touch. But you’re not that stupid, are you?


If someone says something critical about you today it would be easy to assume they are trying to put you down — but wrong. Like you they just happen to be a bit blunt. Don’t be so sensitive!


Use your head today and you won’t go far wrong. Others may get emotional about what’s going on but you must not allow petty feelings to get in the way of business. Put practical considerations first, now and always.



A friend will say something about you today that is less than flattering. Before you go off in a huff try to find out why they are making a big thing of such a minor failing. Could it be because of something you said?


You may be good at keeping secrets but you are also tempted to use what you know about a certain person to further your own interests. Ask yourself this: is the possible material gain worth the inevitable loss of credibility?


Your timing seems to be off at the moment but don’t worry because everything will come right in the end. Today’s Mars-Saturn link warns that the harder you try to change things the worse they will get, so don’t try.


What seemed like a good idea yesterday does not seem like a good idea today, and there is no reason why you should not give up on it. It’s okay to change your mind, so long as you have something better to change it to.



You may need to remind people you live and work with that you are a flesh and blood human being just like them. They seem to have got the impression lately that you are all business and no fun.


The Sun in your sign makes you braver than usual but that is not an invitation to act on impulse any time you feel like it. If you do the consequences could be dramatic, maybe even traumatic – so play safe.


Your mind is moving extra fast at the moment and you will solve in an instant problems that others just can’t get to grips with. Use your intellectual superiority to impress important people. There’s no need to be modest.


Others may be happy to talk around a problem but you don’t have the patience: you will call it as you see it today and if certain people don’t like it that’s just too bad. And when you’ve finished talking — act!



Worry is a useless emotion. Experience has surely taught you by now that something always comes up — and you seem to be one of those people who, no matter how far they fall, always seem to land on their feet.


It’s quite possible that you will come into money over the next day or two, but if you do it’s unlikely that you will hold on to it for long. There are just so many beautiful things you want to possess.


Both at home and at work you will know immediately if others are telling the truth or tell fibs – no way will they fool you. If you do catch someone out in a lie make sure they pay for it.


Because today’s full moon occurs in the communications area of your chart what comes out of your mouth could seem unnecessarily rude to other people’s ears. Think about what you are going to say before you actually say it — then say it with love.



You may have done something wonderful (you often do) but resist the urge to brag about it. Not only will it turn people against you but they might start thinking that maybe you’re not so sure of yourself after all.


Bring your thoughts down to earth and start looking at ways you can make your life more secure financially. Grand ideas and plans can be fun but like everyone else you have to pay the bills. Make some money.


Your feelings for someone will swing from like to dislike and back again two minutes later. It’s obvious you don’t really know what your real emotions are so resist saying anything too outrageous. You won’t mean it.


Pay close attention to details today because the smallest thing could trip you up. Also, if some of your everyday routines have become a bit of a chore now is the time to replace them with something a little more inspiring.