DagHoroscoop door de Paragnost Dern. Dagelijks een persoonlijk advies voor het verwelkomen & bewust maken van verandering.
DagHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; Intense, irrationally strong or compelling feelings emerge now and intimate relationships are deeply emotional. You're apt to overreact.

Kreeft; Today you might suffer a sentimental disappointment. We recommend you to be more careful with your loved one.

Leeuw; You are happiest now when you do something creative and daring, and that doesn't require cooperating or conforming to others' wishes and needs.

Maagd; You are very clear and perceptive now. It's a good time to make a decision or come to an agreement, negotiate, exchange your views with others, or present your case. If you are in a profession dealing with words, ideas, or communication, this is a very productive time for you. Ideas flow, and you express your thoughts well.

Ram; Sometimes, you have to let something or someone go to make yourself happy. Think about the long term.

Schorpioen; You are family oriented and you should enjoy this moments in a peaceful company of your loved ones.

Steenbok; Karma will be kind to you today, you've done a lot for others. Communicate your needs directly.

Stier; You won't get anywhere by wishing, go and make it happen.

Tweelingen; You could be attracting individuals who are anything but good for you.

Vissen; If you have any issues or confessions to make, now is the time to bring it out into the open.

Waterman; Be particularly wary of the tendency to engage in power struggles with others. You may incite opposition from others by coming on too strong and being domineering, one-sided, or fanatical in your approach. A scandal or other form of "bad /press" can arise from the turmoil created by people competing greedily to be top dog.

Weegschaal; You have been far too nice for your own damn good. Stop putting the needs of others before your own. Seriously.