DagHoroscoop door de Paragnost Dern. Dagelijks een persoonlijk advies voor het verwelkomen & bewust maken van verandering.
DagHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; Your past is the theme for today. Take note of your dreams and symbols you see.

Kreeft; You do not need luck to succeed but you do need effort.

Leeuw; Others cause you to lose patience by how slowly they are moving, either physically, or emotionally. They may not catch up.

Maagd; Your cycle is on the rise right now. Things are looking up- take this opportunity to get ahead.

Ram; Try to engage in a new interest or hobby today. It could result in an expansion in your social circle.

Schorpioen; Take care not to overdo things, you will burn yourself out.

Steenbok; Learn to fall in love with yourself, you are what is important, only then will you be content.

Stier; Sometimes you have to enter in to a confrontation or you risk being sidelined.

Tweelingen; Don't turn down an offer. It will open the door for happiness.

Vissen; Your amorous desires and romantic urges are very strong now.

Waterman; Expect last minute changes and adjustments, poor timing, or an annoying glitch in anything involving papers, contracts, appointments and meetings, or previously scheduled engagements.

Weegschaal; At this time your feelings and sensitivity are heightened, and you are prone to seek out a safe haven or to shy away from public life. You feel moody and easily moved by whatever is happening in your environment and less resistant to outside forces.