DagHoroscoop door de Paragnost Dern. Dagelijks een persoonlijk advies voor het verwelkomen & bewust maken van verandering.
DagHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; You are happiest now when you do something creative and daring, and that doesn't require cooperating or conforming to others' wishes and needs.

Kreeft; You need to stand up for yourself, perhaps in a David-and-Goliath type of situation. If you have been unscrupulous or overly egotistical and selfish in your pursuits, you are likely to get your comeuppance now.

Leeuw; You are in a romantic mood and some time spent with your loved one will only increase this feeling

Maagd; Right now you feel a need for sweetness - perhaps in the form of emotional and physical affection, or even of food. You are apt to be pleasantly self-indulgent.

Ram; Drop what you are doing and move on to the next project, it will be more of a success.

Schorpioen; At this time you are objective and can make some clear decisions about where you are headed or what the next step to achieve your important personal goals should be. Your judgment is sound at this time.

Steenbok; Opportunities for friendship, cooperation, love, and shared happiness arise. The warmth and good will you generate now is likely to be a benefit to you both now and later on. You feel especially friendly and sociable.

Stier; Don't take important decisions in a hurry!

Tweelingen; Review things very carefully as you are prone to make a silly mistake today.

Vissen; You seek emotional depths - a very moving piece of music, an especially intimate, heart-to-heart connection with a friend or loved one, or some emotional thrill. Your feelings are more intense and compelling.

Waterman; Be aware during your travels today. Even a moment of distraction can get you lost or in trouble.

Weegschaal; A change in scenery will help you concentrate. Throw yourself into a new project, it is very promising.