DagHoroscoop door de Paragnost Dern. Dagelijks een persoonlijk advies voor het verwelkomen & bewust maken van verandering.
DagHoroscoop van Vandaag,
Boogschutter; This is a time for making long-range plans, seeing the big picture, and thinking about what is really important to you in the long run.

Kreeft; A relationship can be deepened and reborn now, given new life by your willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved ones.

Leeuw; Something comes back from the past to haunt you.

Maagd; Moments of confusion, disorientation, and mental fogginess are likely. You may misunderstand or misconstrue something that is stated in ambiguous terms, so be absolutely certain that everything is spelled out and crystal clear.

Ram; A friend is starting to demand more of your time, let them know you also need time for others.

Schorpioen; An old flame still holds a candle for you. Music brings back memories you thought you'd forgotten.

Steenbok; You meet a new love interest or friend that is playful and spontaneous.

Stier; You may meet someone who surprises you today. Take the kindness at face value and don't overthink things.

Tweelingen; You are apt to forget appointments, overlook significant details, make errors in computation.

Vissen; Daily chores and details are annoying to you now. Your eye is on greener pastures. Suddenly you feel dissatisfied with your lot in life or with possessions or people that did not bother you before.

Waterman; This can be a very depleting and confusing time when you do not know exactly what you want or you do not feel strong, capable, or effective. Physically, you need to be gentle with yourself and take care not to dissipate your energy reserves.

Weegschaal; If it feels strange to you, it may be wise to leave well alone.