Dagelijks een nieuwe vrienden-horoscoop beheerd door A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je relaties & vriendschappen.
Boogschutter, There is good and bad in everyone and if you keep that thought in mind today you should be able to stay on friendly terms with just about everyone. Try not to be judgmental ? it never leads to anything positive.
Kreeft, You may be imperious by nature but you are always prepared to listen to good advice and what friends and family members tell you today is worth its weight in gold. Don?t cash it in yet though ? it?s value will keep on rising.
Leeuw, If you wish for something hard enough this day your wish will come true. Good things are most likely to come your way around the time when a friend brings wonderful news.
Maagd, Make out that you are not really bothered what friends and relatives are up to today, even though you may be boiling with anger on the inside because they did not consult you first. There are more important things you should be focusing on.
Ram, What others say and what others mean may be two entirely different things, so make sure you check facts and figures for yourself before taking action ? don?t rely on friends or colleagues to provide them for you. They could be distorting the truth for their own ends.
Schorpioen, There?s no reason to feel guilty about all the fun you?ve been having in recent days. It may be sad that some of your friends have not been so fortunate but that?s life. Make a point of having even more fun today.
Steenbok, Make every word count today. Don?t bother with explanations or clarifications, just say what you have to say and leave no one, be they friend or be they foe, in any doubt that you are 100 per cent serious. They?ll get the message.
Stier, You may have to be cruel to be kind today, especially if a friend or family member is too caught up in their own little troubles to see the bigger picture. There are higher issues at stake, so grab their attention and keep it.
Tweelingen, Forgive, forget and move on. Do you think you can do that? As Mercury moves into the relationship sector of your chart today you can, if you wish, end a feud that has been going on too long. Hold out your hand in genuine friendship.
Vissen, Something fortunate will happen today but you may not realize just how beneficial it is until later in the day. Travel and social activities are especially well starred now, so get out and make new friends.
Waterman, Everyone wants to be your friend, but that does not mean everyone is entitled to a free ride at your expense. Assist where you can but don?t get sucked into doing everything for people who are not really helpless.
Weegschaal, You usually get what you want in the long-term but today others will hand things to you without even being asked. Your closest friends know as well as you, if not better than you, what it is you desire, so why not let them get it for you?