Dagelijks een nieuwe vrienden-horoscoop beheerd door A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je relaties & vriendschappen.
Boogschutter, Your latest idea may be a great one but a friend or colleague can see something about it that you have missed. Chances are you are too close to the situation to see it clearly. Rely on what others tell you.
Kreeft, You may want to be friends with everyone but according to the planets you will have to get tough today with someone who has let you down or pushed you a bit too far. If you let them get away with it others will try their luck as well.
Leeuw, Someone needs your help and is silently pleading for you to step in and rescue them. You won’t let them down. This is also a great day for reaching out to people you have not seen in a while and renewing old and valued friendships.
Maagd, Your eagerness to succeed could lead you to show your hand too soon and make it easy for rivals to work out what you are trying to do. Don’t tell anyone, not even friends, what they don’t need to know.
Ram, You will receive some news from a close friend or relative today that puts a more positive slant on something you have been worrying about for the past few days. You should know by now that the only thing to fear is fear itself.
Schorpioen, There is no guarantee that someone feels about you what you feel about them but don’t let that stop you from admitting that you would like to be more than just a friend. Who knows where a declaration of passion might lead.
Steenbok, You will find it easy to win friends and influence people today and that’s good because the more you get others on your side the less likely it is your rivals will be able to undermine you. It’s about who you know.
Stier, Be gentle and generous with friends and family members. No matter how many times in the past you may have fallen out you will get along brilliantly today and over the holiday period. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.
Tweelingen, Friends and well-wishers will rally round this day, whether you are going somewhere far away or staying right where you are. It seems you can do no wrong in the eyes of other people at the moment, so you might as well do as you please.
Vissen, You won’t hesitate to help a friend out of a hole today but chances are you won’t get much back in the way of thanks. Whatever the reason for their lack of gratitude don’t let it harden you. You didn’t do it for praise, you did it because it was right.
Waterman, Life does not have to be a battle. The Sun in the communications area of your chart makes it easy for you to charm your way to the top. Get busy making new friends today.
Weegschaal, You’ve made enough concessions of late and now you must get tough with people who are abusing your generous nature. Do what is best for you today and don’t worry if it’s not so good for friends and family.