Dagelijks een nieuwe vrienden-horoscoop beheerd door A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je relaties & vriendschappen.
Boogschutter, Choose your friends with care over the next 24 hours because some people will have a massively good time at your expense if you let them. It’s okay to be generous but you don’t have to be silly about it. Banish the freeloaders.
Kreeft, A new creative project will go better in the long-term if you are not quite so determined to do it all on your own. Today’s full moon urges you to team up with a friend or colleague and spread the load.
Leeuw, A friend or colleague will suggest something today that sounds really good, but because you are worried about your money situation you may let it pass. Mistake! It could be the cash cow you’ve been looking for.
Maagd, Change is inevitable and there is no point wishing that things would stay just as they are — it’s not going to happen and you know it. Accept change. Embrace it. Change could and should be your friend.
Ram, You are unlikely to see the obstacle that is in your path today, but a friend or relative will helpfully point out it’s existence and location. Will you listen to their advice? If you do, you’ll go far. If you don’t, you’ll fall on your face.
Schorpioen, Strive to find the things that you have in common with other people. Group activities of all kinds are brilliantly starred, so make the effort to work with friends and colleagues. Together you can create something amazing.
Steenbok, By all means help a friend or work colleague get something done today but don’t do everything for them. Sooner or later they will have to take responsibility for their own actions. Give them the push they need.
Stier, Make things easy for yourself today by allowing other people — friends, family and work colleagues — to make decisions for you. Part of the art of leadership is delegation. You don’t have to dot every “i” and cross every “t” yourself.
Tweelingen, You don’t need to exaggerate your importance — friends and family and work colleagues are well aware of what you are capable of. You won’t have to try too hard to make an impression today. Brilliance comes naturally to you.
Vissen, You should know by now it is not possible to please everyone, nor should you try. Those who genuinely value your love and friendship won’t mind if you put your own interests first. On the contrary, they expect it.
Waterman, No matter how annoying someone may be you are advised to make an effort to be nice to them. Friendships are so important and the simple fact is you can never have too many. Make a friend of an enemy today.
Weegschaal, Success comes in many forms, not all of them related to fame and fortune. Your current level of success can be measured by how many friends rally round when you need a helping hand. Yes, you really are that popular.