Dagelijks een nieuwe vrienden-horoscoop beheerd door A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je relaties & vriendschappen.
Boogschutter, Don?t take a friend?s negative remarks too seriously this day because they either don?t mean what they say or you will mishear what they say. Either way, the last thing you want is a slanging match. You?re on the same side.
Kreeft, Keep whatever little plans you have up your sleeve to yourself today. If you let others in on what you are going to be doing you may make it easier for your rivals, some of whom have convinced you they are your friends, to thwart your ambitions. Play it safe.
Leeuw, You?ve got a bad feeling about what a group of friends is planning to do. You know better than to ignore your sixth sense, so tell them you will sit this one out ? and get ready to help pick up the pieces towards the end of next day.
Maagd, Don?t give away information about your financial situation, certainly not to strangers and not even to friends. Most people can be trusted but there may be someone out there who would, if they could, use it against you.
Ram, Mars opposes Jupiter this coming day, which is likely to make you even more impatient of restriction than you usually are. Anyone who tries to tie you down or hold you back is unlikely to be your best friend forever!
Schorpioen, Friends and well-wishers will rally round this day, whether you are going somewhere far away or staying right where you are. It seems you can do no wrong in the eyes of other people at the moment, so you might as well do as you please.
Steenbok, Travel and social activities will bring a great deal of joy this day but be careful that family and old acquaintances don?t get the impression that you would rather be with new friends than with them.
Stier, Just because friends don?t seem too impressed by your latest big idea does not mean you should abandon it. On the contrary, the planets strongly suggest that if you keep at it you will enjoy huge success, so trust yourself.
Tweelingen, What others say and what others mean may be two entirely different things, so make sure you check facts and figures for yourself before taking action ? don?t rely on friends or colleagues to provide them for you. They could be distorting the truth for their own ends.
Vissen, People are different and clashes of opinion are inevitable ? it is how you choose to deal with them that counts. Don?t try to shout others down ? discuss your differences rationally. Aim to make friends, not enemies.
Waterman, Friends and relatives will appreciate it if you don?t make a song and dance over minor irritations today. Sometimes it is necessary to accept that something is less than perfect. Make the best of what you?ve got.
Weegschaal, Don?t worry too much if you fall out with a friend, because the split is unlikely to last. Everyone is feeling a little antsy at the moment, so stay calm and ignore anything displeasing they might say ? they don?t mean it.