Dagelijks een nieuwe vrienden-horoscoop beheerd door A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je relaties & vriendschappen.
Boogschutter, Don?t let a short-term lack of cash hold you back from taking part in a long-term venture that appeals to your sense of fun. You will find a way to pay your share ? you always do ? so say ?yes to a friend?s proposal and put thoughts about money out of your head. It?s only bits of paper after all.
Kreeft, Go out of your way to stay on good terms with everyone you meet today because the more friends you make now the more success you will enjoy over the coming six months. Partnerships are important, and never more so than now.
Leeuw, Friends and work colleagues will go out of their way to help you this day, and in return you will go out of your way to help them.
Maagd, You may have what it takes to finish a task that has defeated many before you, but why tackle it alone when you?ve got friends who can help? It?s all about teamwork. What we do together is of infinitely more value than what we do alone.
Ram, Avoid getting involved in other people?s disputes today, especially those where you would like to stay friends with both parties. You cannot know for sure who is right and who is wrong, so don?t take sides. This isn?t your battle, so sit it out.
Schorpioen, Don?t commit yourself to anything you have not checked out for yourself, not even if a friend you trust tells you there is nothing to worry about. That may be true for them but can you be sure it is true for you?
Steenbok, Keep your mind on your work this day and don?t let friends or family members distract you in unproductive ways. The transit of Mars across the vocational angle of your chart promises great things career-wise, so stay sharp.
Stier, Partnerships and relationships are of extra importance at the moment and if you have fallen out with someone close now is the time to approach them and let them know you want to be friends again. They will happily meet you halfway.
Tweelingen, A great deal of joy is forecast for you over the next few days. Much of it will come from spending time with friends, relatives and the kind of people who accept you for who and what you really are.
Vissen, You don?t always see eye-to-eye with friends and colleagues but that?s one of the things that makes life interesting. The more you interact with people over the next few days the more passionate and exciting life will be.
Waterman, There are so many ways you can change your life for the better but one way in particular will stand out today. If it is something you can do with your friends so much the better. What you do together will be amazing.
Weegschaal, You may want to be friends with everyone but according to the planets you will have to get tough today with someone who has let you down or pushed you a bit too far. If you let them get away with it others will try their luck as well.