Dagelijks een nieuwe vrienden-horoscoop beheerd door A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je relaties & vriendschappen.
Boogschutter, If you have something to say then you might as well say it loud and clear. You may be worried that a friend?s sensitive feelings could be hurt but the truth is the truth whichever way you cut it.
Kreeft, Your way with words will win you friends and admirers today but if you want to make use of them you had better be quick. After the Sun changes sign by the end of the day they won?t respond quite so positively to your sweet talk.
Leeuw, Today?s full moon in your sign will give you the courage to go your own way, do your own thing and be different from the crowd. If that means you fall out with a friend, well, they weren?t really that much of a friend were they?
Maagd, A friend or relative needs to be clued in as to what is going on and you are just the person to open their eyes to reality. Point out the facts as you see them and don?t worry that you might shatter their worldview to such an extent that they never recover. If you can handle the truth so can they.
Ram, If you do what friends say you should do today you will soon find a way out of your dilemma. Of course, you don?t like to admit that you got it wrong but it?s either that or you go on suffering!
Schorpioen, The planets are urging you to be a bit less suspicious than you usually are. Rest assured you won?t lose out by going along with what a friend or work colleague proposes ? you may even make some money from it.
Steenbok, It annoys you when people don?t do their job the way they should, and you will find it hard not to let that annoyance show today. But hide it or a friend could soon be a former friend, and that would be sad.
Stier, Make the most of the good things that come your way ? of which there will be plenty over the next few days. Friends are an excellent source of luck at the moment, so meet up with them every chance you get. Who you know matters.
Tweelingen, You may be worried that changes in your work environment are going to be tough but put them out of your mind this day. What will be will be, so quit fretting and fussing and have fun with your friends.
Vissen, You may be confident, you may be courageous, but you must also remember that you are not the only one with those qualities. According to the planets you will clash with someone today whose self-belief is every bit as strong as your own. Jaw-jaw is always preferable to war-war, so talk to each other. Could you be friends?
Waterman, You will be extraordinarily generous today but make sure it is only your friends who benefit from your munificence. It may be the holiday season but you don?t have to put up with hangers-on. Tell them to fund their own festivities.
Weegschaal, The Sun in the friendship area of your chart will make it so much easier to reach goals that depend on other people. Your willingness to work as part of a team will bring many benefits, as well as the devotion of those who admire your idealistic aims.