Dagelijks een nieuwe vrienden-horoscoop beheerd door A. Burns & Ella Boyle. Verkrijg meer inzicht in je relaties & vriendschappen.
Boogschutter, You won’t hesitate to help a friend out of a hole today but chances are you won’t get much back in the way of thanks. Whatever the reason for their lack of gratitude don’t let it harden you. You didn’t do it for praise, you did it because it was right.
Kreeft, A friend or family member has got themselves worked up about something that, to your way of thinking, is not worth the time or the energy. Do you humor them or do you point out where they have got it so wrong? Break the news to them gently.
Leeuw, You need to do something about a friendship that is going rapidly downhill. Be honest about why you have fallen out and accept that you are probably as much to blame as they are. You’re still good for each other.
Maagd, You will find it easier to be assertive today but that does not mean you should be assertive for the sake of it. Work with people who share your aims and ambitions. You’ve collected enough opponents, now collect a few friends.
Ram, This day is for relaxing, so forget about all those tasks you still have to do and spend some quality time with family and friends. Your workload won’t get any bigger between now and tomorrow morning?
Schorpioen, Let friends and family members know what it is you desire because the planets indicate you might get lucky today. Tomorrow things could be a bit more restrictive, so make use of your freedom while you can.
Steenbok, A friend will give you some extraordinarily good news today but for some reason you will be reluctant to accept it. Why is that? Most likely it’s because you have psyched yourself up to believe that only bad news is possible. Don’t be so defeatist.
Stier, You may have what it takes to finish a task that has defeated many before you, but why tackle it alone when you’ve got friends who can help? It’s all about teamwork. What we do together is of infinitely more value than what we do alone.
Tweelingen, Happiness is a state of mind and you will be on top of the world over the next 24 hours. If you get the chance to go some place new with your friends then take it and don’t worry about the time or the cost.
Vissen, You owe someone a favor and it’s about time you repaid it. If they need your help – and they clearly do – you must jump right in and help them out of whatever self-inflicted fix they find themselves in. Friends don’t wait to be asked – friends act.
Waterman, The less you reveal about your plans the better. Refuse to be drawn on what you are up to, even if those who are doing the asking are your closest friends. That applies doubly on the work front: there is money and prestige at stake.
Weegschaal, Family, friends and colleagues will rally round today to show they are behind you one hundred per cent. Whatever you want you will find a way to get it. More likely though, someone will get it for you.